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Aladdin Theater - Las Vegas, NV

The first concert I ever went to was a Loggins & Messina show in (I think) 1972. On July 3rd, 2005 I sat waiting at the Aladdin in Las Vegas for a show that I thought might recreate the magic that I witnessed as a teenager for the first time over 30 years ago. I was hoping I wasn't going to see a cheap "cash in" show, but even that would have been OK since the Loggins & Messina songs are so much a part of my early life that even hearing them done poorly live would have been better than nothing. What happened for the next several hours absolutely blew me away! The songs were performed with energy and perfection. The back up band couldn't have been any better and I am glad that this website posts the musicians names since they have recreated the spirit of the original band and are all excellent players. I'll bet that some of them weren't even born when these songs were written, yet they sounded liked they had played them together for the last 30 years. Great job, guys.

The sound of the show was outstanding. The songs actually sounded better than the original recordings, which is an amazing feat for a live show. There were at least nine high-end microphones that looked like Neuman U87s. These microphones cost $3000 each and are usually only used in recording studios. Obviously no expense was spared to bring the best possible sound to the audience.

Both Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina played great and their voices were still outstanding. What more can I say? Pure bliss. Thanks, guys for getting together again and doing this tour. I hope that you can write some new songs and keep Loggins & Messina going. To anyone who hasn't
seen the Sittin' In Again tour, fly to the nearest city if you have to but don't miss it!! - George M. Kozak


Aladdin Theater - Las Vegas, NV

The incredible talent of Loggins and Messina combined with the electricity of Las Vegas to produce one memorable show at the Aladdin. Kenny and Jim performed song after song flawlessly. With all due respect to the former band members, this current group of young men played virtually note for note from the original albums cuts. The supporting cast was multi-talented, with the fiddler also playing steel guitar and the keyboardist playing the accordion on Vahevala.

From the acoustic sounds of 'Watching the River Run' and 'Pooh Corner' to the driving beat of 'Angry Eyes,' 'Nobody But You' and 'Back to Georgia', the band was in rare form. And, the Trilogy was done just like I remembered it.

Messina's guitar licks are as sharp as ever. The once "teacher and student" relationship has transformed into two performers who respect each other's talents and complement each other in a way that just has to be seen. They seemed to be truly having as much fun as the audience. After having to listen to the On Stage album for all these years to get that live feel, this concert was the ultimate. It was neat to feel 19 again, at least for a few hours. Welcome back, guys, and thanks for the memories. - Dan Olejnik

This show was AWESOME!!!! It is truly amazing and very inspiring to see these two genius musicians perform. Kenny Loggins is truly one of the best performers ever. When Loggins said to Messina "Maestro" and they went into the first song everyone knew Messina is BACK!!

The BRILLANCE of the Messina touch is you don't have to be LOUD to be effective. Every note crystal clear,the music was pure and real. I have always been a Loggins fan, since 1977 . I love all of his works, this also made me a Loggins and Messina fan, reaching back into Loggins musical history to hear the Maestro Messina, who brought out the talented Loggins, I will always be thankful for sittin' in.

This was the first time I had ever seen L&M together live. I have seen Loggins many times and he always delivers an incredible show. ALWAYS!!! Seeing them together as two humble musicians doing it for their fans and their music was more than just a concert to me. It was a truly positive experience than transcends the ordinary "great show."

The respect and admiration of these men could be seen and felt. Today's musicians could benefit greatly to see this much talent compliment each other. I know they both have had some personal issues that lead them back together, proving out of the bad comes the good, in this case the GREAT!!

The band was truly awesome, they really brought out the total feel of the L&M era with razor sharp clarity and class. Song for song they nailed it all the way above the stratosphere, creating the backbone of the L&M giant that rock for all to hear. I really believe this band was feeling the thrill of playing on a championship team it could be heard from start to finish.

One of the highlights was the vocals of Mr .Loggins as he pleaded so soulfully for "Peace of Mind," bringing the crowd to their feet as if to testify and say YEAH KENNY I GOT PEACE OF MIND NOW BROTHER !!!!! When Loggins sings you could see Messina dig it as if his brother knocked it out of the park , just like he expected.

Messina played his lead licks so effortlessly, proving he has only gotten better in his years. Kenny Loggins has done the same. There was no OLDER anything at this show, just BETTER. It must be a blast to be part of this reunion tour; to deliver this positive, heartwarming experience night after night has to be peak living at its best!!!

My daughter and her boyfriend even felt the power of these musical legends, proving that age is a matter of the mind; if you don't mind it don't matter! But your daddy does know how to Rock & Roll!!

Thanks again to Kenny and Jim for Sittin' In Again and for sharing it with the world. - John G. Schmitz