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McCallum Theatre - Palm Desert, CA

What a spine tingling thrill it was to hear the surprise guest Sittin' In ... Crosby Loggins is an incredible chip off the Kenny Block. What a rockin' night of old memories and fresh new sounds. We will be seeing you Friday night at Pechanga!!!

Jimmy- I met you in Santa Barbara in 1976, like 10,000 other girls- Baby you've still got it! I hope this is just the start of something wonderful for you guys - You are just incredible together. - Sandia Schley

This was a fantastic concert. Well worth the money. They played solid from 8-11:00. Music and sounds the same as originals. I loved the concert. - Rob Anderson

Aspen, CO - Jazz Aspen Snowmass Festival

UNBELIEVABLE! The only reason they stopped playing on Saturday night was because the house manager asked them to! We would have stayed ALL night! Kenny on "peace Of Mind" are you sure he's not 20 years old? His voice was amazing, pure and clear, even at that altitude. Jimmy, guitar, mandolin, played everything! A gift just to be in the presence of these two masters. They should teach a course to all these rappers and 'new' performers how to be the best, how to be professional and most of how to be gracious. I think they appreciated the crowd more then we appreciated their performance.

Thanks Kenny and Jim, you guys are perfection! - Julie A.

I've been reading all the wonderful reviews over the weeks in anticipation of seeing Loggins & Messina in Aspen. The common theme that runs through these critiques is L&M's ageless voices, each musical note played exactly the
same as they left it 30 years ago, and a band worthy of the original. I could not agree more. Though I've seen Kenny Loggins many times over the years, like many of you, I had never seen L&M in concert or even one snippet of film or
video from their old shows. So it was a joy to watch Loggins the entertainer and Messina the master "On Stage"!

Thank You Loggins and Messina. - Dan

Of all the performances that I saw at the Jazz Aspen \Snowmass, yours was the one that I enjoyed the most. With all the pretty ladies hanging on me, I'll come and see you anytime you happen back into the Rocky Mountain region. Thanks again boys! - Mike Graw

Thanks for the great Aspen/Snowmass show! I always thought that it would be difficult to recreate the sound you made in the early '70's although your current band was amazing! You didn't skip a beat at 8,000 feet! I look forward to your DVD at the SB Bowl which will bring me back to my childhood home and such great memories at the Bowl in 1976. I hope you make it back into the studio soon and give us die hard fans a reason to get excited about music again! The very best. - Mark Riley

It was so very special to see Kenny and Jimmy at the Aspen/Snowmass show over Labor Day weekend. The splendor of the Rocky Mountains lent itself as an incredible
backdrop to this enduring partnership. Hard to believe we were at 8,000 feet when they played "Sailing the Wind". Please come back to Colorado, guys! You were exquisite! - Christy

When I found out L&M were going to be in Colorado, I didn't hesitate ordering tickets, this was a dream come true. I was fortunate to see them in Colorado Springs in 1973 at the City Auditorium, they were awesome. I have to tell you, I have never heard such perfection as I did in Snowmass, I
was brought to tears, I grew up on their music and it brings back many memories. They were excellent in the 70's, they have just gotten better with age!! My thanks to Kenny and Jim for this reunion tour which allowed many of us die hard fans a chance to enjoy them again as adults, as kids, we didn't appreciate just how good they are. - RD Young