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Bayside Concerts - San Diego

Well I think I was one of the youngest in the crowd (age 41) but grew up on these guys since I have older siblings. Now my memory is not real good but I knew and sang every song. What amazed me is that they played everything just like you remembered hearing it. I know Kenny likes to embellish arrangements but I thought it was great that they stuck to
their roots. Kenny of course always sings better than anyone, but Jim Messina was as good as they come. He played some of the sweetest licks and did not miss one note. I had a bet with by brother that they would play "Be Free" and I guess I won. It was an unbelievable performance and the best song of the night for me. Of course it is hard to top "Angry Eyes". I just could not get enough even though they played 3
hours. I want more... I want a new CD!!! - Chris Del Priore

Absolutely AWESOME! I've been to many reunion concerts, but none that I looked
forward to as much as Kenny and Jim getting back together to perform their magic.

It was very emotional for me as they were my all time favorite throughout high
school. They still ROCK! and are better than ever! we can only hope this isn't
the last we see of them, and that they decide to collaborate and make some more of music's legendary classics. ROCK ON! - Theresa Vance

Was blown away and loved every minute! I went there with no expectations and was not dissappointed!!

Their guitar playing was outstanding, vocal harmonies superb, band tight and skillful. Kenny was very warm and interactive with the audience and we were all loving it!

The play list was great with songs I had not heard since my late teens and early 20's. "Long Tail Cat" was hot, (and a not often heard song) and the JM Buffalo Springfield/Poco song set was great. ( And I still remembered all the words!)

Try to catch them when they come to your town or city, especially if they will be playing in an outdoor or non casino venue. (Casino shows tend to be shorter. I guess they want you to gamble). It will be worth every penny you spent for the ticket, gas, travel time, parking etc. You will leave with a smile on your face and many great tunes in your heart.

They played for almost two and a half hours (actual time on stage) and it was great from the beginning to the end. -Pita

San Diego, CA - Bayside

Wow, Wow, That is all my wife and I could keep saying as we walked to the car. Kenny, Jim and the Band put on a Top Notch show. We were wondering: Would they be well rehearsed? What would they play? They played tons and were rehearsed like they had been playing together the last 30 years instead of doing solo work. Everything was spot on. The Vocals, The Guitars, The Band, The lights, The Staging, The Video backdrop. Everything!

Even though the tour is in support of "Sittin In Again" a new Greatest Hits compilation. They did not play it as a "Greatest Hits" Show. Instead, they played it like a Loggins and Messina concert 30 years ago. With some more obscure tunes than one would have thought. At first I worried, "Would the Crowd get it?" If they weren't diehard L & M Fans like Me. They ate it up and roared approval.

The highlights were Kenny's vocal on Peace of Mind, Great guitar work by Jim, Fantastic Violin & Dobro work all night long by Gabe Witcher, and as usual, Great Background Vocals & Bass by Shem Schroek. But honestly everybody in the band was tight as could be and I don't mean to leave anyone out. Other stand out songs were Same Old Wine, Trilogy, Growin, Angry Eyes... Ahhh Damn everything was good. - Peter Tellone

I can't tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed the L & M show last night in San Diego. There were so many highlights, I can't mention them all here.

As a longtime fan of L & M since their inception (I have ALL the albums, and saw them live on many occasions in the 70's)...this, to me, was a HUGE deal! When I heard Kenny and Jimmy were getting back together and hitting the
road...I could hardly contain myself. So...when last night rolled around, you can bet we were there with bells on.

I was a bit concerned when I learned the band would not be the original L&M Band...because these guys were one of the best live acts of the 70's. The old backing band was a talented one ... so my expectations were, well ... who knows?? From the first strains of Pooh Corner to the
last song in the first set...Your Mama Don't Dance...this band rocked pretty good for a bunch of "young dudes". An honorable mention to Gabe on the violin/mandolin/dobro, etc., etc. You nailed it,dude! This guy had talent, and
reproduced all the orginal L&M material perfectly, which is saying a LOT! The rest of the band were no slouches, either! Shem from Ambrosia on bass, and David
Crosby's drummer?? It don't get no better than this!

The second set...which began in front of a Mercantile General Store background ... was casual, laid back, and thoroughly enjoyable.

This show took me through the full range of emotions. Like a really good movie, but with a MUCH better soundtrack. At several points, the music gave me goose bumps. At another, I wanted to pinch myself in disbelief. This WAS
Loggins and Messina I was witnessing, and they DID sound GREAT as ever. At another point, all of my emotions came together as Kenny belted out Peace of Mind, a song that, for whatever reasons, brought me to tears. Now...I'm a big tough guy, mind you...but this was something I thought would never happen, hope upon hope. To see one of my favorite groups of all time back on stage... it just
overwhelmed me. Now my wife is calling me her "big crybaby". Damn it...Kenny!

So many great tunes...played to perfection. Some of the highlights...Be Free, You Need A Man (Great staging on this one!), Peace of Mind, Vahevella, and of course the two encores...Angry Eyes and Danny's Song. Every song was a
winner, and it was so good to catch these two together again. Jimmy...your guitar skills remain impeccable. Kenny, your spirited vocals are the best there are. Thanks, from the heart...for giving it one more shot and sharing your combined gift with the rest of us, if only for one more time! I won't forget last night, nope....this was something else! Can't wait for the DVD! - KM