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Pechanga Theater - Temecula, CA

What an incredible night! We had seen L&M at the Grove two months ago and
thought that it was one of the best concerts ever; however, tonight surpassed that evening.

Everything worked - Kenny and Jim, their backup band, their surprise guest, Crosby Loggins and the audience. I would follow their entire tour if possible. I could listen to them forever. They are magical and I hope that they continue this good thing. - Michele Morgan

Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

WOW, It was worth the 30 yr wait! Kenny and Jim haven't missed a beat. Playing to a mostly full crowd, they sounded amazing. Almost three hours of music that is as pertinent today as it was then. I can only hope that Loggins and Messina will continue to perform together so I and so many others can enjoy their music again. A fantastic show!- Don A.

PERFECTION !!! We saw the Berkeley show last night at the historic Greek Theatre. I did'nt want the show to end. Kenny and Jim were having a great time and were very personable with the audience. The "sitting in" part of the show included Kenny's son Crosby. The guys joked around about their sons coming out on tour next year and the show would be called Loggins, Loggins & Messina, Messina.

Totally enjoyed the show even more than the Lake Tahoe Show which I didn't think could be topped. Kenny and Jim sounded great, the harmonies, the musical jams, I'm still smiling today and having L & M withdrawals !! Thanks for
bringing back the memories one more time, hope to see you next year. - Sherry Thixton

"When the music is right and the band gets tight You
ought-a see 'em pick and grin." Wow what a great show. 30 years apart, yet they're as as tight as ever. A show not to be missed. Thanks so much! - Gary

An unbelievable show me and my brother will never forget. Growing up listening to Loggins and Messina, this show will go down as the best show weve ever seen. Thank you. - jim & joe

I flew from Austin Texas to Berkeley to see the boys at the Greek Theatre because I was afraid early on that they might not schedule a date in Texas, and I wasn't going to take any chances missing this tour. I've been an L&M fan since the beginning, and before that Jimmy with Buffalo Springfield and Poco, and Kenny all through his solo career. I've gone to as many of their concerts as possible for a native Texan. And the magic I knew would be there was stronger than ever.

The fantastic audio at the amphitheatre and the beautiful evening air of Northern CA made it a truly perfect evening. I have always appreciated how Kenny and Jimmy make the audience feel a part of them by the stories and the jokes and the conversation with us. It truly makes you feel like you have had "An Evening with Loggins and Messina." Not just a concert, not just standing up there in the lights playing tunes - a whole evening just for us fans to cherish with the memories we have from 30 years ago, when many things were the same - low cut jeans and high gas prices and our boys fighting a war.

Thanks for remembering Jon Clarke. The band you toured with then and the band now are the highest quality musicians and, like you said, they were and are all a very big part of what makes Loggins and Messina so magical. I can't thank you guys enough for doing this tour and doing it so right. Forever. - Jeanine

The last time I saw Kenny (live) was just after my baby was born at the Paul Mason Winery in Saratoga. She came with us (the only baby in the audience and met KL backstage). That was a good 14 years ago. I wasn't gonna' go, but she told me I would "love it" and I'm glad I took her advice. The harmonies, and the new versions of the old songs are right out of the "celestial singers catalogue." "Peace of
Mind" was like peace of mind!!! ( and Long Tailed Cat was pure joy). Like Jim Morrison said, "when the music's over, turn out the lights." I can die happy!!! Thank you L&M. It's a must, if you haven't yet been. - Dhyananda Two Horse Running