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Blossom Music Center

What a warm and beautiful night in Northeast Ohio for one of the best live bands I had ever seen 30 years ago, and they proceeded to blow me away again. These guys have assembled a band of great musicians and the magic of Loggins and Messina live is better than ever.

Kenny's voice during "Peace Of Mind" was truly amazing. "Same Old Wine" was one of the best songs of the evening for me. Jimmy's voice and guitar, Kenny's harmonica, and the fact the song is thought provoking and timeless in its
meaning - whew! You gotta see these guy's Sittin' in Again!! - Mike Horning

with Larry Sims; photo by Michaela Laza

What can I say but WOW! A beautiful venue, an awesome concert; it could
have been a little cooler but it sure didn't stop Kenny and Jimmy & the band from
performing a great show. I have never seen Kenny so animated; he was so into it, really enjoying himself. Jimmy just sitting back showing us his wonderful guitar playing, wow that mandolin solo in "Be Free;" absolutely incredible. The whole band is so tight; Kenny loves showing them off.

Kenny & Jimmy still have it, putting on a three hour show. My husband who is not a fan of L&M, can't stop talking about it; that surely tells you something, like this is a concert not to be missed. - Judy

I never had the opportunity to see Kenny and Jimmy in concert until last night ... what an incredible show!!! I didn't know you could sound better than you did on your albums but they proved you can.

Thanks for an incredible show and will see you in Columbus next month. - randy martell

The concert at Blossom Music Center was wonderful. Listening to them was a
great experience and they are a truly remarkable band. They put forth a solid
performance and I am glad I was able to go. - Kathy

Since I was only 12 or 13 when I saw my first concert (Loggins and Messina), I can say with much certainty that I was overwhelmed by many things but didn't
fully appreciate the genuine talent in front of me. Now, some thirty years
later, I can also say with much certainty that this show WAS INDEED the BEST

I believe that God above has a plan and a purpose for all things and the timing of this union couldn't have come at a better time. Their sound was perfection both vocally and musically. The band members they picked to tour with them were dead on with every beat of every song. We even caught the smile they passed to one another from time to time. See this show!! Even if you have to travel (as we did) it is so well worth the trip. - Kathy Mantia

Having read many of the reviews of the Loggins and Messina reunion tour so far, I know this may sound redundant. But the show at the Blossom Music Center was a music lover's dream come true.

The last time I saw the guys was in State College, PA in 1974 and they truly rocked then. But now, 31 years later, the band was just as tight and the harmonies just as sweet as ever. In addition, the background props and replays from years gone by was a great surprise throughout the evening. The bass player hit those high harmonies consistently just like Larry Simms did so many years ago.

Being the type of music fan that can't get enough of a good thing, I am planning on attending the show in Columbus, Ohio on September 25. I urge every music fan to do yourself a favor and check out a show in your area. - George

Blossom Music Center - Cuyahoga, OH

A balmy and almost cloudless night welcomed the crowd to this outdoor venue, and when Kenny and Jim walked on stage, they were greeted by a thunderous standing ovation. That would be the first of several they would receive from the clearly appreciative audience. The covered pavilion was perhaps 2/3 full, the lawn was a sea of people ready to be entertained. They were not disappointed. Jim mentioned that this was the last concert before they were taking a break to "spend summer vacation with their kids". A bit different set of priorities from the partying days of old, but their distinctive sound and how they deliver it with intensity is timeless.

Kenny and Jim have assembled a band that does them proud. They were flawless and each had their own moment to shine. This was also the case for the two men whom the
crowd came to see. Kenny had an energy level that I had not seen in the 3 concerts of his I had been to over the last year. He is clearly having fun, feels the music and it emerges through his body. By contrast, Jimmy is almost motionless but the epitome of smooth. Their voices when separate, are distinct and rich. When combined, the result is magical. You would never guess they have been apart for
decades, and this renewed and deeper friendship only serves to heighten their performance together.

Jim shared a song from Poco and Buffalo Springfield, and Kenny introduced his solo "Alive 'N' Kickin'" as "our story". He made a point of looking over at Jim when he sang the line, "Got a new best friend and he was more than sittin' in."

Kenny's voice and powerful performance of "Peace of Mind" wowed the audience. Jimmy on mandolin and the rest of the band's brilliance on "Be Free" was breathtaking. Of course, the crowd boomed when Kenny changed a line in "Vahevala" to "When we'd stay off the coast of Cleveland ...." Ahhhh .... the marvel of technology...when a keyboard can sound like steel drums and make you feel like you're in Jamaica. From my second row end seat, I had to smile seeing the middle aged security staffer stationed at the foot of the stage singing along during the chorus of "House At Pooh Corner," clapping along in several songs, and stomping his feet to bring them back for an encore.

It's said that everything happens for a reason and the reasons for the reuniting of this duo are obvious and plentiful. Emotionally therapeutic for Kenny (both on
stage and off), a chance for Jimmy to demonstrate his enduring talent and the opportunity for fans, old and new, to celebrate and revel in this long sought after reunion. It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.... don't miss it.

My life as a music fan started very young. In second grade I discovered a band that taught me to appreciate several different kinds of music. I would follow them for the next 5 years and last week I had the pleasure of seeing them live for the very first time.

Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina hadn't toured together
in nearly 30 years but you couldn't tell by their magical performance this night. I thought there would be an opener but was amazed when Kenny and Jimmy walked out on the stage and sat down with their acoustic guitars ready to go at 8 p.m. sharp. They opened their acoustic set with Watching the River Run, followed by House on Pooh Corner and Travelin' Blues. Their band of fine young musicians (more like a mini orchestra) backed them on a haunting rendition of Sailin' the Wind.

The boys played for almost 3 hours with an intermission in the middle and they didn't miss a beat. One of my favorites of the evening was the Lovin' Me/Make Your Woman Feel Wanted/Peace of Mind trilogy. As an old fan I know that when Jimmy wrote Peace of Mind he intended to sing it himself but when he heard Kenny's soulful rendition he passed the song to him. That night was the very first time I had ever heard Jimmy sing it, his own song, and my heart
rejoiced. Kenny picked it up in the middle and drove it home but Jimmy's contribution was very touching.

The backup band consisted of a drummer, a keyboardist,
a violinist/mandolinist and two sax players who also played flute. They were tight and each had a chance to be showcased during the evening. I wish we had been in an indoor venue because I think some of the sound was lost to the great outdoors (we were sitting in the third row) but what I heard I really enjoyed. Jimmy and Kenny both have a plethora of electric and acoustic guitars, which they changed after nearly every song. I wanted to take Jimmy's acoustic Taylor home with me, I could tell you that! I've always loved Jimmy's playing and he can rip a riff with the very best of them. He's a gentleman on stage, very
reserved and refined, but his playing could bring the
house down. He hasn't lost his touch on the guitar; he was as smooth as silk.

There were a countless number of highlights for me during the evening (they played a whopping 29 songs) but I have to say that my favorite part came when Jimmy shined in Be Free. I've always loved this song, the haunting lyrics speak to the state of the environment and the music eclectic and unforgettable. If you're a casual fan you might not know that Mr. Messina is a talented mandolinist and this song
showcased his talent in spades. The mandolin/violin duet is a take on an Irish reel, fast and driving and done to perfection. It sounded exactly like the album version, I was honestly and truly amazed and thrilled out of my gourd! I know that they changed the setlist for show to show and didn't play the same songs every night but when I heard the opening chord of this song my heart made a leap. I was breathless.

Other greats: Angry Eyes was a smokin' as it always was, Jimmy's rendition of Kind Woman lovely, Vahevala one of the best reggae party songs ever written. Keep Me in Mind is a tender ballad that Jimmy wrote for former bassists Larry Sims and his version was beautiful, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that song. One of the things I love about Jethro Tull in concert is that they play little riffs of songs from the past during other songs that only a true fan would recognize. L&M did that twice that evening -- Jimmy
played a little Angry Eyes riff before Vahevala and Kenny sang a line from Golden Ribbons into Same Old Wine. Yummy! Same Old Wine is one of my faves from Jimmy and he sang it with a vengeance.

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from the evening when I purchased the tickets. I knew of course that Kenny has continued to record over the past several years and that his voice would sound as good as ever. Jimmy was always my favorite of the two, his gentle siren's voice could send me into another time and place. Not having heard him for years I'd wondered if that gorgeous voice had changed with the passage of time. Much to my surprise and
delight, if I had closed my eyes when Jimmy started to sing I could imagine myself back in 1972. He was that good.

Thank you for a wonderful and magical evening, gentleman. And welcome back, Jimmy --- I've missed you. :) - Annette Jones