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Boise, ID - Idaho Center Theater

You rock!!! What power and energy and the lyrics hold true today. Great show, thanks for letting us 'sit in' ... Pam

I can't remember when I've heard sweeter voices or had a more joyful experience.
What an amazing show. I was so proud of Loggins and Messina for still "having it."
Sometimes you see groups from days before and you feel bad for them because they don't have voices anymore, let alone the energy to pull it off. My only wish is
that the Gorge was a little closer so I could go again tonight. Everyone connected
with the show was a class act. The Idaho Center should have been packed so please
come back so we can show you all how much we appreciate you. Thank you and have a Blessed Tour ... Kathy

Friday night in Boise, I was privileged to see what I had missed over thirty years ago . . . an awesome concert that rates as one of the best ever. It was great to hear the fantastic hits in their original
versions. Both Kenny and Jim sounded perfect, and the band was the ultimate. I sincerely hope that the tour will be re-corded for later release as a concert DVD -- I would buy it in a heartbeat. - Larry Belisle

26 years ago, I heard "House at Pooh Corner" for the first time. I was pregnant at the time with my only child, so Friday night, when I heard the song, I was in tears from beginning to end. I think most everyone at the Idaho Center knew most of the songs on a very personal level. Jim and Kenny were in good form. Not many acts are greeted with a standing ovation and I was proud to stand and cheer when the show began. I believe that I now understand how Beatles fans would have felt, had John Belushi's $50 brought John, Ringo, George and Paul together on the Saturday Night Live stage. Last Friday evening was a great night for all who were there and I suspect that everyone wishes Jim & Kenny the best tour of their lives! - Cheryl

Boise, ID - Idaho Center Theater

Thanks to Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina for starting their tour Friday night in Boise, Idaho. Although it has been 30 years, it seems like yesterday that we were all listening to the tight harmonies of Loggins and Messina.

Kenny Loggins, looking lean and fit, sounded incredible. His improvisation on Peace of Mind stirred an emotional uprising by the crowd. Jim Messina sounded great as well with some incredible guitar licks that illustrated both of the guys still play, sing and perform well live on stage. Nothing compares.

You would be remiss in not mentioning the fantastic band that accompanied Kenny and Jim. Steve Nieves on Sax, Gabe Dixon on Keyboards, Gabe Witcher on Fiddle and Dobro, Shem Schroeck on Bass, Jeff Nathanson on Sax and Ewi, and Steve Distanislao on Drums. Each band member was able to provide spotlight improvisation moments and illustrated how talented each member was in their own right. Notable performances by Gabe Witcher, Gabe Dixon, and Steve Nieves throughout the evening.

The set features Kenny and Jim out front with stools to play acoustic guitars, and the background resembled an amphitheatre. Initially, the band was set behind an a soft light while Kenny and Jim were front and center. Later in the show, the band was in full light. The center of the "amphitheatre" was used for video throughout the evening featuring landscape shots, (flying seagull, ocean, mountains, flowers) to multi-color 70'ish rhythm matching colors.

The first set, over an hour, was filled with hits from House at Pooh Corner, and Watching the River Run, and more. Ending the first set on "Your Mama Don't Dance" complete with crowd sing-along, left the crowd exhilarated. After a brief break, the set was reset to resemble a front porch jam session. Great country tunes that was relaxed and comfortable. The whole band looked like they were having fun. After a quick stage reset, the video playing pictures of old ticket stubs, Rolling Stone cover shot, Wolfman Jack video clips and more, the band completed a 3rd set mixing country rock, "Back to Georgia" with some real jammin' songs that were tight, long, and cookin'! The small but fortunate crowd was privy to three encore performances including even more favorites Vahevala, Angry Eyes and Danny's Song. The total performance, including the break, was over 3 hours. The band seemed to really get involved with the crowd and enjoy the show. Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina also gave the crowd the feeling they were glad to be back and thoroughly enjoyed "Sittin' In" in Boise!

I attempted to get a copy of the song list, but the last one was handed out to the man right in front of me! So, if he can post the song list- it would be great.

Thank you for coming to Boise and putting on a great show. -Amy & Mike Lodge

Wow! I had the opportunity to see you 30 years ago in Boise, and it was a great concert. However, the one in Boise the other night was even better. I do believe it was the best concert I have ever seen. The energy, talent, nostalgia, precision was unbelievable. Thank you for coming, I am only sorry the crowd was small, those folks got a treat. Welcome anytime! - Mark Bruner