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Boston, MA

I saw Kenny and Jim thirty years ago play at a state college here in Massachusetts.

The bottom line is: They were great then, and they are not the "Same Old Wine" now, they have become better with age, and they picked their band members very well. Thanks guys - you just made my summer. - Steve

What more can be said that has not been said already? How about amazing!!
Incredible!! This show is the "dont miss" tour this year.

Kenny and Jimmy have never sounded better. The band members they have chosen for the tour complement the music and also take it to a whole new level that must be seen to be belived.

Kenny found all the "soul" in PEACE OF MIND, that brought the crowd to its feet. A very moving moment happened when the band performed one of my favorites "Be Free" and the dedication on the screen behind the band to the great Jon Clarke was very moving.

with Jeff Pevar July 25, 2005

Another pleasant surprise was seeing Jeff Pevar "sitting in" during the acoustic set playing some incredible lap steel guitar as only Peev can!! The show's staging and visuals are unique they must be seen to understand how much thought went into the production and how Kenny and Jimmy want this to be a special concert experience for the fans ... and last night without a doubt was!! Don't miss them if you have the chance to see this concert ... it is a very special event. - Andy V

Thanks Kenny and Jim ~ for reuniting and giving us a taste of your sweet music once again. Your Boston show was simply wonderful. Congratulations! - Star Lancaster

Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavillion

For 2 1/2 hours I was 30 years younger! I had the pleasure of seeing Loggins & Messina in their "prime" on two occasions in the 70's. Thirty years has made no difference! They are both still in their "prime". Their voices were as rich and pure as ever. Song choices were diverse, light show awesome, voices, harmonies and musical talent of backup band unbelievable! What a show!!!! - Denise M. Szelag

I approached the idea of a Loggins & Messina reunion tour with some ambivalence. Most of the music I was listening to 30 years ago as a teenager seems pretty lightweight and disposable now. And though I was a big L&M fan at that time, I can't honestly say I've listened to much of their music in the past 25 years. So how did the 2005 edition of the group stand up? Far better than I could have hoped for.

They've obviously come together again for the right reasons -- not because, say, somebody needs the money. They're not even close to just "going through the motions," and have chosen a half-dozen strong young musicians to recreate the original live arrangements.

The Boston show was well-paced and energetic. There certainly were technical problems -- Kenny was having trouble with hearing various instruments and spent a
lot of time tuning, and Jim's guitar solos were inaudible in the first few songs. But things eventually fell into place.

The many highlights included a gorgeous version of "Be Free", with a hushed crowd listening intently to the twin soprano saxes, then exploding during the mandolin and
fiddle duet. The informal jam at the start of the second set was enhanced by the guitar and pedal steel contributions of Jeff Pevar, guitarist with the Crosby, Stills and Nash touring band.

Just about all the major songs were covered, though I would have liked to have heard "Golden Ribbons." (There was a fleeting reference to the anti-war anthem at the start of "Same Old Wine" -- perhaps the inclusion of more than one anti-war song is considered excessive in these conservative times.)

To be sure, not everything worked -- the extended boogie workouts of "You Need a Man" and "Vahevala" were indulgent 1970s excesses, though I guess I'm in the minority in that opinion. But no matter -- the highs far outnumbered the lows, and the harmonies still provided chills. Not many contemporary acts can pull off what Kenny & Jim did tonight. - Doug

I am greatly impressed by the performance and quality of music experienced during this performance. I wish to say that it's wonderful to hear such beautiful orchestrated music again. The songs of Loggins & Messina have a timeless aura which I can only say left me feeling quite satisfied to be touched by what is truly the essence of Rock & Roll personified. Very special assembly of musicians ... awe inspiring. From the intense electric violin, flute, percussion to the precise guitar work and harmonies which touch on the spiritual. Some tunes actually harness a
period of time long ago manifest. Magnificent!!! - eric

I have been a fan of Kenny Loggins for as long as I can remember. When I found out he was a part of Loggins and Messina, I immediately fell in love with them both.

At the age of 15, this concert, being my first Loggins and Messina concert, was the best show I have ever been to and probably will ever go to. The performance was better and more advanced than the albums, although Kenny and Jim sound just the same as they did 30 years ago. After thirty years of Pooh, they are still Alive 'N' Kickin' Thank you Loggins and Messina for making my summer! -Tipper