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Tweeter Center, - Camden, NJ

Kenny, and Jimmy, You guys were the bomb. I wish all the kids who watched The American Idol Series could see such true talent as the two of you displayed.

Everything was tremendous about the performance, from the acoustic sets
to the guitar rock jams. The vocals were tight, precise, and exact. The musicians were all stellar in their performances on stage! It was like we were sitting in someone's backyard, or on their porch
listening to to some old friend's music.

Kenny and Jimmy you not only lit up
The Camden Tweeter Center, but also an entire generation of adults who often forget about the simpler aspects of life, and how to enjoy them!

You have shown your audience how special your music and its memories are. We all walked away with a smile on our faces, excitement in our hearts, and and the feeling we spent a night with a couple of good friends. Thanks for a wonderful reunion of memories and fun! - Gary Burns

Wow! The concert was so much better than I expected. 30+ years go by and Loggins and Messina are better than ever. They didn't miss a beat, a note or any harmonies. They have definitely improved with age. The last time I saw L&M was over 30 years ago at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. They were better last night and I hope that, as Jim Messina said toward the end of the show, "we see you again next year!"
- Andy Atkins

The Show in Camden was one of the best... NO it was THE BEST show I have been to. They sounded unbelievable and the energy in the room was unlike anything I have seen. I never thought I would be able to see them together; they broke up years before I was born. I grew up with them being blasted on the old tower speakers in our living room every day. - Andrew


Camden, NJ - Tweeter Center

Superlatives like 'great', 'fantastic' and such, don't do credit to what I witnessed. Time has taken NOTHING from either Jim or Kenny!! The musicianship of the band was spot-on--as was that of L&M themselves.

What boggles me is that Jim still gets that amazing sound out of his instruments and Kenny's voice appears better than it was 30 years ago when I'd last seen them together. All in all, the band had tremendous energy on-stage and it was a wonderful 3 hour show! - John Kormos

Tweeter Center

I can not accurately describe the enjoyment that was had by all at the L&M show last evening. To say that the show was fantastic, or to try and describe the elctricity at the Tweeter, would be an understatement or seem shallow.

20 some odd top notch renditions of L & M's 70's hits and classic jams were presented, as if the tunes were being played for the first time ... and that's the key. The tunes were played and sung as if they were brand new! To wit, the six backup musicians were very polished and each played multiple instruments (not unlike the original band in the 70's). In addition, it appeared that most of the six of them were well under 30 years old. (Possibly not born or quite young when this music was in its hey-day). Simply, they each had a command of the material which energized the house, and amazed me. To see and hear such young players grooving on music of which they have no direct connection, is not only a tale of outstanding musicianship, but a salute to the era, and especially a tribute to the writers, Ken Loggins and Jim Messina. 'sail the wind'....
gregg acri

If your MaMa can't dance ... then she never witnessed Kenny Loggins and Jimmy Messina live and in person now or when they 1st played live in 1972. While age takes it's toll on everyone, the music of Loggins and Messina proved timeless and the eneragy of their performance and their musicianship showed they have not lost a single step. The music was well crafted, their harmonies flawless and the friendship and respect these 2 men seem to share was very evidnent. I have been fortante to have seen L&M no less than 6 or 7 times in my life. I am simply thrilled to have had another opportuntiy to witness what was truly a remarkable evening with 2 singer songwriters who gave all they had to give. You could feel the emotion, you could hear the musicianship and Kenny and Jim made you feel part of something very special: A walk back in time to when life was much simpler for all of us. Thanks for the memories, and thanks for sittin in with us once again. I hope all of us get to see and hear you guys for years to come. - Angelo