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US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH

Both Kenny and Jimmy sounded exactly like they did when I saw them in 1975,
but the thing that surprised me was how good the total sound was. What a great
collection of musicians! "Angry Eyes" was awesome because of the sax players and how they could nearly duplicate the parts from Jon Clarke and Al Garth. Gabe on the fiddle and lap steel was amazing. The keyboards were a welcome addition to the music from back in the On Stage days. After reading a little about the drummer and bass player, I was impressed with their musical credentials as well. Loggins and Messina live was always about the total package, and this tour's total package is an experience you don't want to miss. - Jim Kibler

FANTABULOUS! It felt like we were in college again in 1974 at a Loggins and Messina concert. Jimmy and Kenny seemed to have as much, if not more, energy than 30 years ago, and their voices are better than 30 years ago. The back-up band has extraordinary talent. What great fun! Thanks, Kenny and Jimmy, for "Sittin' In Again" with us! - Betsy Mullen

I went to the show last night in Cincinnati, dragging my reluctant sister with me, and WOW what a show! I had seen L&M almost 29 years ago and they are still as awesome as ever. I had given up hope of ever seeing them back on stage together. I can't say enought about the voices the incredible guitar and mandolin playing by Jim. He was the inspiration for me to take up playing the guitar and subsequently the reason to give it up, never could even hope to play like him. Time has made this duo better than ever. Do not miss the opportunity to see these guys, worth the 30 year wait! By the way, my reluctant sister was a true believer after the show,
saying it was one of the "best concerts ever!" - Laura

Traveled from Indianapolis and sat next to a couple who traveled even farther from Southern Kentucky. And would do it again!!! Awesome show...beautiful music. Now I can listen to all the cd's with new life, picking out all the instruments that their band plays so well. Let's see another tour...a live album...and maybe a new studio album too. THANK YOU!!!! - DH

Cincinnati, OH - US Bank Arena

Kenny and Jim were incredible! The vocals were as good as on any of the albums (I have them all), the instrumentals were dead nuts and the harmonies brought people to tears they were so good. Seeing the boys live last night actually exceeded my expectations which is nearly impossible since I have waited 30 years to see them!!!

Jimmy was perfect on lead guitar and vocals and Kenny had my 12 year old daughter swooning like she was seeing Justin Timberlake not a Dad from the seventies like me! Kenny was right in front of us the whole concert and he certainly follows his muse you; could literally see the music pulsing thru him like wind in a sail.

The band played about 5 or six instruments each and Kenny and Jim played about 10-15 Guitars each during the show. All were so good that they make you remember why you started to go to live concerts in the first place 30 years ago! This concert showed live from the front row how the very best singer/songwriters in the world can deliver an experience that literally is better than any of the current
"performance artists" could ever dream of. I want to thank Kenny and Jim for showing my 14 yr old son and 12 year old daughter that their "old man" at least musically is "still in the game" on what the best of live music truly is and last night it was "Sittin in again"!!! - Kevin Thurman

Last night's show in Cincinnati was a spectacular trip into the “wayback” machine for me and my wife. Kenny and Jim have selected some of the finest session musicians to recreate the classic L&M music we all loved over 30 years
ago. It's as if they haven't skipped a beat. Two sets with a brief intermission, but overall playing time was well over two hours. You really get your money's worth! Really cool sets (scenery and backdrops), lighting, etc…

If you are, or ever were, a Loggins & Messina fan, DO NOT miss this show. Thanks for the memories guys. - Bob & Lynn

WOW! Just WOW! What a great concert. Kenny and Jim were soooooo FINE! The music was great, I heard all my old favorites and I felt like I was 25 again! - Sue H

Absolutely incredible. Loggins and Messina's performance was just as great if not better than the many other times I saw them live in the 70's. Kenny's vocals are still excellent, Jim's guitar playing cannot be beat and the band was awesome. - Karen

Friday morning while going through some old OLD papers I found my ticket stub from the Oct 75 L&M Show at St. John Arena in Columbus. I distinctly recall after that show 30 years ago saying, "THAT'S the kind of band I'm going to build!"

30 years later and I'm STILL trying to match the energy and shear brilliance of these guys! After 30 years in this business there aren't too many performers I still refer to as "hero," but Jim and Kenny ARE definitely among those few! - Dave H