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©2005 Willie Jennings/The House Photographer

I was transported in time back to the 70's when I was a teenager and first experienced Loggins and Messina live. The music, the lights, the atmosphere was extraordinary. It is a fabulous show! I enjoyed every moment and I didn't want the magic to end. Thank you, Loggins and Messina for sharing your music with me that evening. I will never forget it. - Debbie

What a blast from the past! Jimmy & Kenny still got it...it was great to see them together again. Wow, the band is awesome. The whole experience brought back wonderful memories, it also reminded me of how old I am! - Judy

My husband and friends went to the Schottenstein Center on Sunday September 25th.We enjoyed the MUSIC ... Thanks for bringing back the memories. - Sheila & Bill

I flew to Columbus to see the show after seeing them in LA in June. All I can say is that it was the best concert I've seen this summer. Kenny played the harmonica so passionately and Jim was not only talented but made everyone feel like they were playing for us in their living room. Their suprise guest, Clint Black, made the show even better than it was already. I loved every minute of it. Everyone in the band was an extraordinary musician. They exceeded my expectations and thanks for making everyone in the audience happy to hear you again. - Deb
It sure was fun taking a 30 year trip back to my musical past. They were great then and even more wonderful today. Dont miss a chance to see one of the finer moments musically you may ever witness. Seeing L&M once again made me realize that good music will always be good music. The Columbus show of L&M pleased all, I sure of that! - Rock Kessler
I know they don't like hearing it, but "I grew up listening to them" and so we brought our two boys (13 & 16) to the concert. They loved the music as much as we did, only it was the beginning of new memories for them and good, good, old ones for us. Thanks guys. You were fabulous and so is each and every member of your band. - Gay C.
We drove 800 miles to Columbus for Sittin' In Again, and it was worth every mile!
At our wedding 23 years ago we asked a good friend to play "Watching the River Run", and have considered it our song ever since. Well, when Kenny and Jim opened with that number it was simply magic! Loggins and Messina's ability to move fluidly from one genre to the next continues to set the gold standard, and everyone on stage played from the heart. We're forever grateful to you guys for coming together in the first place, and for touring again in 2005! - Lisa and Matt

Schottenstein Center - Columbus, OH

Theirs is without a doubt the 'The Music of My Heart'

Kenny and Jimmy have created some of the finest music of our time.
Music that captures every emotion, sad, sentimental, longing. loving, playful, euphoric to name a few. To have this opportunity to re~visit Loggins and Messina, is so much more than words can describe.

Re~visit is what they have provided for us.

Their craft has been finely tuned over the years. Their harmonies are every bit as beautiful if not more so than years past. Add to that, the richness of their voices, with which they deliver each and every song. The band has to be recognized in their own right, for all of the individual talent and perfection with which they deliver as well. True to the quality of the original Loggins & Messina band.

As I looked out over the crowd, you couldn't help but see all of the smiling faces. The joy that their music provides resonated throughout. Young and old alike gathered for an evening of music that is timeless and transcends all generations.

Tonight we were treated to Clint Black as well, a fine musician that joined Kenny and Jimmy on stage to perform a few songs. It is the song he co wrote with Kenny "Alive and Kickin' " that is tribute to Loggins and Messina. They sang it together tonight, all three, which was a very sweet surprise. Clint is apparently a big Loggins and Messina fan himself. There were many jokes tonight about just how old they are. Forever young in our hearts, and forever FINE in my eyes.

Kenny, Jimmy thank you for sharing the magic that is Loggins & Messina with us once again. Don't be strangers, I hope "Ya all come back now!" - ~Martita~

Well, last night was #3 this summer for me. I saw this concert twice in Michigan and loved these guys so much I drove 4 hours each way to Ohio again to see them a third time. I wish I could describe accurately the pure joy these men and their band have brought to people during this reunion tour. From the very start of the show with Watching the River Run through to the end of the evening with Dannys' Song Kenny and Jim's voices are perfection. The band is awesome and I especially enjoy watching Gabe the fiddle player do his thing!! The Value City Arena was buzzing and with this show Kenny and Jim seemed to be especially energized. I am seriously considering flying to Hawaii for the final show..I just hope these two realize the
impact theyve made and they decide to try some new stuff and continue on next summer. - Bridgett Behan Pierson

What a great concert!

I have never been a fan of reunion bands/tours/albums, but it was as if Loggins and Messina had never been away.

I have always thought that Loggins & Messina was one of the 70's bands that has never gotten it's due. The unique mix of country, blues, jazz & rock has really held up over the years -- I've practically worn out my cassette copy of Finale and my wife and I still listen to On Stage as much as any other CD in our collection!

I also applaud the decision to play the old material almost
exclusively...while I would welcome new material from the band it was the old, classic material that we went to hear and we were not disappointed.

Bravo, fellas (and kudos for assembling a killer backing band, too!) - Mitch Shively

Saw the Loggins & Messina Reunion tour here in Columbus Sept. 25. I forgot how really good they were. The music was crisp and exact. The back up band was superb. It was an added treat with Clint Black coming on stage for a few songs. Just got the new album with the songs close to the sequence of the performance. Hope a live album of the concert is made available. Hope you do it again!!! - Dwight

I had the wonderful privilege of seeing this magnificent duo at their Reunion Tour in Chicago and decided to fly to Columbus to see it again. I am a big concert buff and I have to say that this concert was the best concert experience that I've ever had. It was fabulous. I've loved these guys for over 30 years and they definitely still "have it." I had the good fortune to have seats in the center section, front row,
which was like a dream come true. I sang my way through the entire concert and the complete highlight for me was when Kenny grabbed my hand at the end! Truly a moment that I will never forget. I can't wait for the DVD so I can relive it all. Thanks to Kenny and Jimmy for giving me one of the best times of my life. - Beth Marder

...Still glowing from the great show we saw last weekend. The band was so tight, and their voices haven't lost any range and power from when these songs were first
performed. They left behind a couple of smiling fools that night! I hope there are more songs in store from the duo! - Valerie

Clint Black photo above ©2005 by Willie Jennings