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Fox Theatre - Detroit, MI

I just got home from the Fox Theatre show. I went with a friend from 30 years ago who was a fellow L&M fan back then. This wasn't a concert. It was getting together with old friends. It's hard to believe 30 years have passed. They sounded as if they'd been playing right along. The new band is awesome, Kenny Loggins is ... just Kenny Loggins ... and Jimmy Messina is better than ever, in voice and as a player. They are both unbelievable talents. Thank you for allowing my friend and I go back in time and spend an evening with you. I wish you continued success and hope
there is more to come! - capn

Wow! The best ever! I've seen Loggins & Messina 3 times in the past, and Kenny just last year and this was just one fantastic show.

Their voices and harmonies were as if 30 years hadn't transpired and the music and mixing was spot on. Backed up by 5 amazing musicians, the music from their albums was duplicated almost note for note. As a fan I was very pleased with the playlist, with lots of the well known stuff, as well as some of the "deeper cuts". If you still have the chance, do not miss this concert. - Barron

Amazing. After following the career of Kenny Loggins for 25 years, I never
thought I'd have the chance to see two masters at work - together. Even better, the masters are still masterful. Great work, guys! - Tammy B

WOW!! That's all I can say. I missed seeing L&M back in the day and always swore that I would go if they ever reunited and came somehwere close. They played for 3 hours and had the place rockin' from the opening set through the third encore... their sound was excellent, their voices meshed as they did thirty years ago. They were very affable and entertaining between songs, too. Great show... don't miss it. - John Hoge

There's something to be said about a reunion show that brings tears to your eyes. Loggins and Messina music was such a big part of my life as a youth that this concert brought back all those great memories of my teens and 20's. All those in between years of seeing Kenny on stage in a solo perfomance (no denying he's fantastic as a solo artist too) I never realized how much I was longing to see the duo reunite again!! I gained a huge respect for Jimmy after seeing the show in Detroit ....Thank you Jimmy and Kenny for giving us a little bit of the magic once again ... I agree with the guy who said CS&N would club seals to sound that good again!!!!! - Bridgett Behan Pierson

After seeing them some 33 years ago, you might think they might have lost a little. Instead I would have to say that they were even better with age, like a fine wine! I was happy that I could take my 15 year old to the show and expose him to some of "my music." I was the same age in 1972 when I first saw L&M and he seemed to get as much of a kick out of them as I did! To quote him "they look like they are really enjoying themselves." I would like to take
this opportunity to thank L&M for let me and my son enjoy ourselves also! - Mike Jennings

Loggins & Messina were fantastic! Their voices were as perfect as they were in 1974! I wore out "The Best of Friends" and was thrilled to hear all my favorites. The guitar, mandolin, harmonica, sax and violin were thrilling! Had a great time and felt 30 years younger when I left the beautiful Fox Theatre. Thanks for a great evening! - Nancy Prochazka

Fox Theatre - Detroit, MI

You are all correct, this show is amazing. Probably the single best concert I've ever attended... and I've attended many.

Tonight's show at the gorgeous Fox Theatre in Detroit was absolutely perfect in every way. The members of the band seemed to basque in the joy of playing opposite each other and they loved the fans' energy. There were a lot of die-harders there tonight and they got everything they could imagine out of these guys. The set list was incomparable. Most surprising was a beautiful rendition of "Sailin' the Wind" and a smokin' "Changes." Other standouts were "You Need A Man," "Same Old Wine" and "Vahevala." All extended versions. The Triolgy from "Sittin' In" was also superb. Loggins could be a gospel singer if he wants. He was very, very sharp on vocals all night long. The band is very hot too. I will definately catch another date or two on this tour. They don't make 'em like this any more. Sad. Thanks for the memories guys. And if you don't release any new material or tour again, this was a hell of a good way to wind it up. Congrats! - Joseph

It was good having the band in such a wonderful theater, (Fox Theater in Detroit). I remember the music from way back and admit that I was expecting a mellow 90 minute concert. I was wrong! This felt like the seventies, long jam sessions and funky background scenes. I must admit I never went to a concert in the seventies, too young, but it's what I pictured it would be like. I am impressed with their
abilities and their love of GOOD music. It was a pleasure to watch them and I enjoyed the fact that it was around 11:15 PM when we left. The only unfortunate thing was even though Loggins and Messina were rockin' the house at their age, the rest of the 50 something crowd was weak at best. How sad it is to grow old for some people. You know who you are -- looking at your watch, yawning, sitting on your butts
etc.. I was always told how the fans in the 60's and 70's were nuts. What a change. The older fans are nothing more than shadows of what they use to be. Keep rockin Kenny and Jimmy!! I was very impressed. - Doug G

Thank you Kenny & Jimmy for a memorable 2 hour and 40 minutes show of all your hits. I have listened to "Mother Lode" more than any other album or cd that I own and was floored at the performance of the songs. You two and all
your musicians were absolutely "right on" with every song!

I was too young to see Loggins & Messina back in the day .... But as a professional drummer today...... I feel that your music, instrumentation and production of all the tunes on "Mother Lode" has made me a better drummer. Thank you again for a great concert and I hope Loggins & Messina stay as a permanent fixture in the future. - Sam & Carol Galizi

It would have been so easy for Kenny and Jim to throw together an act to take on the road and cash in like so many others have recently. Fortunately for us, Sunday night in Detroit was proof positive that their integrity and
passion for the music endures.

Unbelievable! With the hottest band I've seen in a long time behind them, Loggins and Messina gave us a performance for the ages, for all ages.

After 35 years, you'd think that something had been lost, that Kenny certainly couldn't sing that well, that Jimmy would be a little rusty. Wrong again! From the opening number, we were so completely stunned by the freshness and quality of the performances that no one in the audience could sing along or clap for the first half of the show, despite Kenny's pleadings.

Having sung so much of this music in my career, I am jealous of the fact that Kenny and Jim can still produce spectacular vocals at this age. The sound was awesome, the show was amazing, and memories are still rushing back. I regret that I can't see it every night until it ends. - Bob Scott

I was so impressed with this show! I wasn't really sure what to expect since I had never seen L&M perform ogether...only Kenny many times. Of course, I knew Kenny wouldn't disappoint, but I just wasn't sure about seeing Messina.

But was I pleasantly surprised! As another reviewer stated, it could have been easy for Kenny & Jimmy to put together a 'best hits' show and just belt out some songs. But, that's not what they did at all. This show was so put
together and so fresh with the young, talented musicians backing them..( What an invaluable experience for them)

I obviously already knew of Kenny's great talents, but I have definitely gained a greater appreciation and respect for what Jim Messina can do. I thought he was very impressive on so many parts of the show....I especially enjoyed his mandolin performance during "Be Free."

Kenny was great, as always, but his "gospel-esque" version of "Peace of Mind" was worth the entire ticket price alone!!! Amazing!

Loved it! I just might have to catch another show before they're done! Thanks Kenny & Jim! - Sandy