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Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

Last night Jim Messina couldn't have said it better "It ain't about getting even, it's about getting through it" If that isn't a statement about living in the New Millennium I don't know what is!

Loggins and Messina always seemed to have had that Yin and Yang feeling about
them, Jim the perfectionist conductor and anchor and Kenny, the kitelike spirit who was gonna lift everybody up off the floor with raw emotion and talent, as we all know things went south. Well..People .. things are back in Balance Again!

Loggins and Messina are not just recreating a replica of the first edition, they have recaptured the original magic. This is no easy task. And this is only the third date on the tour, Santa Barbara (and everybody else down the line) get ready don't even think about missing this show! It brings you back to a time when concerts were about uplifting our spirits not some 1.5 hour machine. Jim's protest songs ring as true today as they did then, Kenny's gonna go gospel on yo ass and surpass some of you with his electric work, Messina is still a Fender Attacking Monster only more tasty if that is possible. And the Harmonies and arrangements.. perfect. Hey you youngsters who didn't catch or weren't alive for the first go around, check out this show and really experience a feeling from thirty years ago but really let yourself go and open up yourself to the music. You folks who have ticket stubs for the 70's call an old friend you have had a falling out or lost touch with, invite them to this show and get Back in Balance again.

Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina have!
- Glenn Meharg

The energy of the show in Phoenix last night was remarkable! The last time I saw L & M was 30 years ago on Long Island, and the unique musical sound, lyrics and
harmony's haven't dimmed at all! Seeing Kenny & Jim back on stage after all this time was special. This is going to be a great tour and I hope many more will be forthcoming!

Don't miss this one, and if you find yourself singing along with Kenny & Jim, you won't be alone!! Many standing "O's" too! - Ray Prideaux

Phoenix, AZ - Dodge Theatre

WOW!! The show at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix was fantastic. The house was packed by people of all ages (my 14 year old rock-drumming son loved it). The audience showed its appreciation loudly and often - I counted at least six standing ovations.

I had seen the band several times in the '70s and was a little concerned about Kenny and Jim playing without the original lineup. No need for concern. The Band is an amazing group of multi-talented musicians. Shem nailed the bass nuances and the high harmonies effortlessly - Timothy B would have been impressed. Gabe Dixon's mastery of the keys (and fine attention to the subtleties of Omartian's earlier piano work!) was astounding. Gabe Witcher could have been a concert all by himself - what a
talent! Steve and Steve (hmmm ... did Kenny and Jim pick musicians with the same first names just so there would be fewer names to learn? You know, they are getting a little older now!) did an incredible job handling the percussion. And then Steve 2 (is he a percussionist or a sax player? He's
two breath mints in one!) joined Jeff to absolutely nail all of the wind parts. The six musicians looked like they had been playing these songs all their lives - which may be the case.

It was great to see Jim back on stage after all of these years. He truly seemed to be enjoying himself and was totally at ease in front of thousands of rabid fans. His voice is still sweet and pure and a joy to listen to. His mastery of the guitar and mandolin was incredible. My personal favorite part of the night was watching Jim glide through the intricacies of "Be Free."

And then there was Kenny. He still has a charisma and presence that is ageless. His vocals were as fresh as they have ever been and his guitar playing was perfect. His extraordinary vocal calisthenics on "Peace of Mind"
will be remembered as the highlight of the concert.

It was great to see the boys back together. Life is good.
- Wesley Watson

I've had two major dreams. The 1980's one was that Mike Scioscia, then of the Dodgers, end up a manager someday because I knew he would win at least one World Series. Hooray for the Angels of Anaheim 'cause he did! The 1970's one was that Loggins & Messina get back together because being a member of their audience was (dare I say it?) a Spiritual Experience.

The sound of their voices (alone and) together ~ the way the instrumental parts (Jimmy's guitar especially ~ long live Fender! He even thanked the people who recreated the guitars ~ thus the sound ~ from then.) would swirl around ones ears and heart and soul ~ it was ethereal! (Everyone is right! The band they put together is just right!) The beautiful and profound song lyrics (I still get tears streaming down my body over 'Keep Me In Mind.' I am so
thrilled to have heard 'Be Free' again! Missing 'Golden Ribbons," though.) are back and more meaningful than ever.

My D.J. husband, who slept through the 70's and favors the 60's and 80's, knew two of their songs. By the end of the night, his hands were raw from applauding. I tried to count all the times I've seen L&M and I couldn't. I have amazing memories surrounding them, my favs being sneaking backstage with Barry (then Messina's father-in-law) Sullivan's entourage at the Universal Amphitheatre and having a ball, and then at the Santa Barbara County Bowl when Jimmy tried to run me and my big, old, stuffed Pooh Bear down with his car backstage. Oh yeah, the Midnight Special and In Concert tv show tapings. It was great to see that footage and the magazine covers on the screen. Gosh, I have all those mags and then some. Those of us at the show now have the most amazing new memory. I am absolutely
ready for these two to start writing songs for a new album and the next tour. Meantime, I'm going to pray that they fit in Tucson on this tour! Long live Loggins & Messina! Thank you so much! -Vanessa Delgado