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CD & DVD Reviews

The new live cd is outstanding. (The DVD is great too!) It's even better production wise than the classic On Stage cd. In addition, it was great to hear rarities such as Changes from Mother Lode and Same Old Wine from Sittin' In. I think the song selection is great!!! I don't have any
complaints except that I would have loved to hear even more songs in which Kenny plays harmonica solos and Jimmy plays mandolin solos. Songs such as Pathway to Glory and Be Free!!!

I truly hope you guys at least consider touring again and recording some new songs. I'd love to hear you guys also perform Be Free which is probably my alltime favorite song of any artist. It captures everything musically that one could expect in a truly timeless song. It still sounds as fresh today as it did in 1974.

You also have to realize that your fanbase is as strong as ever. In addition, you guys together are such a dynamic unit that you complement each other better than any duo around on the music scene. I missed your show in Cincy at the Riverbend Music Center, but with my purchase of the DVD and CD at least I can imagine I was there.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
A lifelong fan and admirer - Chris

I was fortunate to go to the Sittin'InAgain show at PNC in New Jersey with my wife and a few friends. It was one of the best evenings we spent and to relive that evening and recapture that great night was so enjoyable sittin in again on our couch.

I was only saddened that the cd was not put in a package with the dvd, so I bought both. My wife was so impressed with the extra footage from the 70's and how 30 some years seems not as far behind us as we thought.

Thanks for a great year with Loggins and Messina and I hope it continues into next with New Music - jim

I just finished listening to the CD and I was pleased by the quality of the sound as well as how great the band sounded. Driving up Route 95 North, the music was great distraction ...

DVD & CD Reviews

I was there. Again. Santa Barbara County Bowl at 5 years old and again at 30. There are no words that explain the feelings I had, After all these years so many memories have been made with Kenny and Jim along all the way.

Thank you for coming back together, boys. You made my life so much more than I could have hoped for.

I do have to mention though ... I loved your concert in SB so much... I went when I was working in Tahoe as well. I had no money so I watched from outside and when you came to the last few songs...I had to sneak in. I snuck right up to the front with all of the crazy ladies and men who put up with them.

I stood below you two thinking to myself all of the times in my life you have comforted me, when no one else could. You were there when I got married, when my children were born, when I got divorced, when I came back to California to go to school, when I graduated with the highest honors and a 4.0--my Dad played you through all our times together. I
thank you for dedicating your life, as hard as it may have been dealing with the travels, struggles you must have faced being away from home, and the demand the media has imposed on your lives. You mean more to me and my family than you could ever imagine.

Additionally, Santa Barbara kicked ass... I can hear myself screaming in the background ... - Keena Michelle

There ain’t nobody, … there ain’t nobody … I said there ain’t nobody who could ever put on a rock concert better than Loggins and Messina! Even these words from “Lovin Me” cannot describe how great I feel your 30 year reunion
concert was! Your 2005 show was the best concert I have ever attended and experienced (I use this word, because I “experienced” your concert deeply and joyfully from “Watching The River Run” to “Danny’s Song”).

Seeing and hearing the two of you back together after 30 years was more than wonderful! You are better now than you were then! Your concert was pure magic! When Jim
began the slow plucking on his mandolin in “Be Free,” it just blew me away (I doubt my kids understand or fully appreciate that term). In fact, all of Jim’s exquisite guitar skills throughout the concert totally blew me away.

I have seven children who know a few of your most popular hits, but I want to bring them all to your second reunion tour in two years (you probably need one year to rest after this year’s national tour). What’s next for you two? How about some new material? Like everyone else (all of us in the older generation) who attended your 2005 concert, I was deeply touched and will never forget the fond musical memories. I look forward to watching your 2005 concert DVD for years to come! However, your concert CD is a little short on the number of songs (only 13) that you actually
performed in the concert. Please add more of your classic songs and make it a two-CD set. - Matt Hunter

I have been a fan of these two guys since the 70s and was very disappointed that they split (right before their first UK tour as I remember?). All we had were the albums. I've since re-purchased all of them on CD (with the exception of So Fine and Finale which seem to be unavailable...) They
released many of my favourite albums including Mother Lode and On Stage. They've been going their separate ways for the last 30 years or so. Now back together for this 2005 tour, none of their magic has diminished. Great songs, well sung and with a marvellous band. Rather in the mould of Brian Wilson, they have surrounded themselves with stellar musicians who can make the most of Kenny and Jim's intricate arrangements. All in all an excellent
release. The DVD release of this concert (it is also available as an audio CD) includes more material, truly fantastic 5.1 DTS sound and a bonus section of an early 70s performance. Now all I need is that postponed UK visit! Kenny and Jim - make it happen in 2006! - Trevor Gardiner