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Melbourne, FL - King Center

This was the first concert I have attended at the King Center here in Melbourne Florida. This was also the first concert in decades that I have actually purchased a ticket for, as I am in the music industry and attend / work concerts for a living.

WOW! The magical blend of Jim & Kenny's voices is still there after all these years. I was totally blown away by the harmonies, and equally blown away by hearing Jim Messina sing live again. The most impressive thing was Jim's guitar playing, and tone. He's sets a high standard when it comes to his guitar. It brought back so many memories from listening to the old LP's of the band. The new band did a tremendous job as well, and I enjoyed the show set list more than I ever expected.

I almost wanted to drive to Hollywood Florida for tonights show to see it again. Please don't wait another 30 years to come back again. We might not be here.

PS: I was very moved with the dedication to Jon Clarke, he will be missed! - Mike Borne, Old Tennessee Sound Man

What else is there to say. Thirty years may have passed since these two talents have crossed paths, but nothing has changed. The music, showmansip, and pure joy they bring with them made this show a night to remember. Thank You - Bob

Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL

As an avid Loggins and Messina fan from the 70's, I was ecstatic to hear they were touring again.

We listened to the onstage album all the way to the venue and when they hit the stage it was a magical moment! The sound of their harmonies were incredible live, and the guitar playing on some REALLY nice guitars was great! Interestingly, to the dismay of all, the bass player fell ill and was escorted off the stage. After a short break they came back and I couldn't tell if they were winging it (the song selection), but the concert flowed smoothly with the audience showing their appreciation.

The dobro player switched to bass and pulled it off to the delight of Loggins and Messina and the crowd. All in all, I think we had the treat of hearing inspired musicians jamming. The show must go on!!!! - Chuck and Dara

This is my second Loggins and Messina concert at my young age of 15, the first being in Boston, Mass. closer to the beginning of the tour. This concert, being close to the last of their performances, was even better than when I first saw them. I brought a friend along to this concert who wasn't sure about the duo and before it was over, even she was dancing and clapping to the music.

Not only were they wonderful together, but they had dynamic solos. When Kenny Loggins did his vocal on "Peace of Mind", I could not believe what he could still do with his voice. Likewise, Jim Messina was amazing on the mandolin
during his solo on "Be Free". When I left the performance, I could not get the smile off of my face. Not ever will I be at a concert that will equal this one. - Tipper

Whew! The boys took me home! Kenny Loggins and Jimmy Messina have weathered the years VERY well - their voices sounded incredible. After 30 years you don't expect anyone to sing that well, these two men blew a packed house away! Backed by a very tight band, Loggins and Messina put on a show that was better than any I have seen in the last 20 years. No theatrics, no special effects, just talent, passion and great music. Although the audience was a sea of gray, we were no worse for the wear either! We started it and we continue it! Bring Loggins and Messina back to Clearwater anytime, WE'LL BE THERE! - Jamie Pires

My (19 yr.old) Son (who was raised on Kenny's music, & Kenny & Jim's "House at Pooh Corner") and I had the immense pleasure of attending their Reunion Concert, on Fri., Sept. 30th. As Kenny referred to us all as "old ex-hippies", they rocked...WOW! I loved the feeling of being back in the 70's, & their "sittin in" acoustic set with the perfect blending of their voices, almost brought me to tears (of joy!) Kenny & Jim were so in sync with each other, and when they rocked, it brought us all out of our seats...

Their arrangements were wonderful, an added treat was the video background and experiencing their evident comfortability with each other was as if no time had passed between them, at all! They also did a moving tribute to Jon Clarke (another versatile musician), who as an original band member left them, and this planet all too soon.

It was such a blessing to see Kenny & Jim smiling and seeing these two old friends back together again, and doing what they love most ... entertaining us with their music! - Michelle

My first introduction to Loggins and Messina was in a Head Shop...you know, one of those little boutiques that had Lava Lamps, incense burning and all those little collectibles under the glass showcase. The Sittin In slbum was playing in the background. Customers began to do little dances and tap their feet as they fingered through the record racks. The sound reminded me of Poco and the owner explained that, yep, almost.... it's Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina. The album went home with us and
after about a dozens plays, we found ourselves adopting air instruments and singing along to Vahevela.

Two 8 tracks (remember those?), 4 cassettes and finally a CD, Vahevala and the whole Sittin In album is still my most favorite. No one ever rode in my car without hearing Sittin In. I was fortunate enough to see them live 5 times in the early 70's. Imagine my dismay when I learned they were touring together at nearly the end of the tour! I scrambled and caught a flight from North Carolina to Tampa, Florida. At 53, I found myself playing cheerleader in the ladies room of the Ruth Eckerd hall... encouraging everyone to "be loud" and let them know how we feel.

What a difference 30 years makes....all those older (yikes that's me too) people strolling around waiting for the show to start. There were tailgaters with Hummers in the parking lot! Ken and Jim did NOT disappoint! I found myself barely able to sit down. The quick slam of the brakes of the show after Back to Georgia had many in
their seats really worried. Ah, but they "came to play"! ..and did they ever. Thank you for a night of rock'n roll, harmonies and blistering guitars... ya'll come back real soon! - Dotty