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Fresno, CA

The staging, lights and sound were outstanding. What a wonderful night!! My
goodness, goose bumps and memories ...

L&M were "my" college band, I was there at the very first Santa Barbara show, one of their first anywhere, Rob Gym UCSB in '72 for $2.50 (I'm a '75 UCSB grad) and every subsequent "home town" show including the tough one in '76 at the County Bowl when the guys were at war with themselves, each other and what it all had become. To me this is as much a "hell freezes over" tour as the Eagles reuniting.

But the chemistry is back, and the love, respect and mutual admiration between these guys is a joy to see. Great music is timeless as is master level musicianship. The band was so incredibly great, as a keys player I went nutso over Gabe (as did my wife!). His Hammond work was so sweet. Each player was so brilliant and almost reverent in their joyous approach to songs that were created before many of them were born (hey I am 51 so I can say this!)

Jimmy, thanks for the master class in tasty guitar work. We were slightly stage right but close enough so I could really see his fingerwork. WOW.

Kenny is so superb as a rhythm guitarist (and lead too, he burned a very nice lead or two) and his voice was in fine form as usual. WE LOVED IT!!

My wife is from the East Coast and was not very familiar with the repertoire, though L&M enjoyed mass success nationwide they were and are - at heart - California's and Santa Barbara's gift to the world. She walked away a fan and realized that she had been part of something very special. Thanks again guys! - Sondheim

Even though I went to this concert by myself, as soon as the music started I
was no longer alone. What fun we all had! It really seemed that everyone on stage was having a great time and there's no doubt the audience enjoyed the show.

I can't ever recall a concert of this length - 3 hours total, with an intermission. How nice to feel like I really got my money's worth!

The only drawback, a minor one, is that some of the background animations were sort of cheesy, but they made up for it by displaying a wonderful series of old L&M photos and album covers during the break.

There was one moment when Kenny made a shuffling move on stage, and I was instantly transported back 30 years. It was great fun to see these guys, to re-experience their music live, to ontemplate on how we've all grown and changed since the last time they performed, and to just have a great time. - Lisa

Fresno, CA - Save Mart Center

What can I say, Loggins & Messina were beyond Awesome in Fresno tonight! From the first song to the last it was a blast! My husband said "It was not important to even know all of the words, the harmony, the flow, and the instrumentation made the entire experience hum like
a well oiled machine."

I was at the Greek in Los Angeles and truly believed that the experience could not get any better. With this band's energy and expertise on multiple instruments, and Loggins' & Messina's singing, and playing (including Jimmy on the Mandolin! and Kenny on the harmonica!), I was in heaven.

Well tonight Loggins & Messina came to party in Fresno and unbelievably their sound keeps getting better and better (I was in Santa Barbara too)! I could not help but be glad that my Mama indeed has always danced and thankfully she passed that love of great music on to me.
- Emma

I just came back from seeing Loggins and Messina at the Fresno show and they were perfect! My husband and I were in the 1st row, front and center. I'm excited to say that they were so awesome and put on a fantastic 3 hour show! They had so much energy and were joking with the audience. We had a blast! They sang so MANY of the L&M songs that if you're going to a future concert, you won't be disappointed at all! They were AWESOME!!! They even came out for 2 encores. I was so pleased to hear them sing songs like Growin', Long Tailed Cat, Sailin' the Wind, Be Free and so many more. Kenny even showed off his superb harmonica skills. - Kim

First saw L&M in 1972 and followed them till there end in 1975. Then my wife and I became big fans of Kenny and have seen him maybe 10 times through the years. She and I just traveled down to Fresno (110 degrees on Sat.) to see L&M. Let me start by saying the back up band the guys have put toegether is hotter than any I have seen through the years. The horn players alone were worth the trip. But for every L&M fan there it was a night to remember. K and J played for 3 hours!!! and their harmonies were like they had never split up. Guitar riffs I hadn't heard for 30 years came back like it was yesterday (actually it was Sat.) It was heaven. Soooo to make a long story longer, if you have tickets don't give em up and if you don't, get some by hook or by crook. Can't wait for Berkeley Greek Theater in Sept. - napabob

What a great show! I got to see them several times (LA's Dorothy Chandler, Universal Amp, SF Bay Area's Day on the Green and Stanford's Frost) in the old days, so I was very excited as Saturday grew closer....

Kenny and Jim were terrific, and so was the rest of the band. Sitting in the second row was tough, too! The standing ovations were welcoming to begin and well-deserved throughout the sets. The set list did change a little: Growin' was moved to the first set, Another Road, Love Song, and (Buffalo Springfield's) Kind Woman was added to the second "front porch" set, but they did drop Lady of My Heart, Thinking of You and Whiskey. The three hours went by too fast, but the crowd (which was smaller than I expected) loved the show! The crowd did seem older than the performers. Jim's joke about "Summer Breeze" was perfect. I can't wait for the DVD! - Mike

What a historic night... the weather was hot and the band was hot, and Kenny and Jim were hotter than ever. I've been a fan since the L&M days, big time forever Kenny fan, and it was as if the songs were lifted off my old L&M albums. Kenny and Jim may have been apart for 30 years, but their harmonies were timeless. Kenny's voice seemed richer and more intense than I've heard in a long time and they seemed very connected, and really had fun together. The band was great, a tight collection of young fun musicians. The mandolin work was awesome Jim, and Pooh Corner sounded so true. I was lucky enough to bring my family, my husband, who has put up with more Kenny shows than he'd ever admit, and my 6 year old and 10 month old daughters, who danced to Your Mama Don't Dance like old pros!! My dearest friend was there too, she and I met at a Kenny concert 18 years ago, and she had a blast, especially during Be Free, her personal favorite. They were rockin' hard and the crowd was great! Thanks guys, for a truly special, memorable night! - Margaret