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Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center

No one could have asked for a more magical way to spend the last summer evening of 2005 than with Loggins and Messina in one of the most beautiful Arts Ctr. in New England. The show started promptly at 8:00 with an acoustic set of favorites including "House At Pooh Corner."

From the first note the sound was flawless! Sitting in row 10 on the left side of center we were in direct alignment with one of the speaker banks...normally a deadly place to sit, but this show was so well mixed and engineered there was no ear fatigue even at the end of the 3 hr. concert!

Kenny and Jim selected an amazing group of young musicians to form their band.
Augmented by a fiddle & mandolin player, 2 saxophone players who also added
flute and Yamaha Midi Synth. Breath Controller,a keyboard man, bassist, and
drummer the ensemble were able to perform the entire canon of Loggins and
Messina hits. The band also added flawless back-up vocals so the original arrangements were better than the album quality! Every concert should be
measured by the audio standard of this tour! The music was able to 'breathe'
since the show was played at a level that allowed for dynamic range...something
that has been lost with the young breed of audio mixers. Just because technology
allows 130 db of undistorted sound does the entire show from opening to closing
note be mandated at that level? I think NOT! Bravo to the mix engineer who is an artist and integral part of the Loggins and Messina unit!

Meadowbrook Musical Arts Ctr. is a wonderful friendly, professionally run
facility. Kudos for having the Best tour of the year at your beautiful concert site! - Lyle

Absolutely great. Too bad they couldn't have played all night!!! The 2 & 3/4 hours they played were not enough. It would be great if they got back together and wrote new songs. They played like they have been doing it for the past 30 years. Timeless! I hope that I will still be hearing from them for years to come. Their voices still get to me !! - Annie

We caught Loggins and Messina in Gilford, NH on 9/22. This was the last show of the season at the Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center, and what a grand finale it was! Loggins and Messina put on a truly amazing show last night. Their wonderful harmony work together is still there, and L&M can still hit the high notes that some other vocalists from that era can't even dream of reaching anymore. They also have a sextet of extremely talented musicians backing them up that is one of the tightest bands I've heard in a long time. Highlights for me were "Same Old Wine" (still a sad statement on our times after 30+ years), "Angry Eyes," and "You Better Think Twice." Let's hope we don't have to wait 30 years for this to happen again. - Michael Rogers

I truly believe I was mesmerized by these two. I have never seen Kenny and Jim in concert before. I now regret not doing just that. God bless them for making a 52 year old feel alive like never before. We were in row 6 and it was fantastic!! I was in awe and singing along with them I choked on tears of pure bliss. I will always remember them and hope and pray they could go on tour another time. I guarantee I will not miss them! Thank you with all my heart and soul - Cathy

Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center - Gilford,NH

Well once again the boys have done it! It is truly amazing to see the beautiful magical chemistry that these two can create when together.They really have aged like fine wine.

I thought they were in a league of their own 35 years ago so when I heard they were coming to town this year I knew this would be a real gem that should not be missed. Being the last show of the year at this venue it offered us a very intimate setting for the truly devoted since most folks have left this summer destination vacation town.

The interaction between Loggins, with his hard driving wailing guitar, and Messina's ability to blend those extended sweet licks just kept the crowd in awe through out the night. Mixed in with some fine acoustic down home jukin were some sweet ballads that kept the ladies close to their men.

A couple of highlights that quickly come to mind were the end of the 1st set with a raucous " Your Mama..." where every person in attendance cut the rug with some serious high energy dancing! We also were treated to a little diddy of The Doors "Love Me Two Times."

Anyway here is the 2 hour 40 minute set list for you:

Watching the River Run, Pooh Corner, Travelin' Blues, Sailin in the Wind, Long Tail Cat, Country Song, Holiday Hotel, Back to Georgia, Changes, Trilogy: Lovin me, Make a woman feel, Peace of Mind, Your Mama Don't Dance.

2nd set: Better Think Twice, Love Song, Keep Me in Mind, Alive n' Kickin'

Finale: Growin, Be Free, Same Old Wine, You Need a Man, Vahevala.

Encore: Angry Eyes, Nobody But You, Dannys Song.

I have got to tell you that in over the 450 concerts I have attended over my years, this show was absolutely one of the best that I have ever attended. It was so good that I am headed to Foxwoods in Connecticut to catch tonight's show. Hope to see you there.. Dont miss it !!!! - Lou Plante

God - I'm at a lost for words... (sort of) the show was Freakin' Awesome!

We got there a little early, and I went to check things out. I came across a security staff person, who said it should be a good show, all-be-it a small turn out. Well I was a little concerned that they boys would get on and off as quick as possible. Of course I didn't know what this women meant by small. In the end it looked like a sell-out (well close to). Under the roof holds 3,200 people, and there weren't but a
few empty seats.

8:01 and the boys came out, and played their ass's off till 9:10 ish. Had a 15 minute or so break, came back - and played they're asses off again.

It started out as a cute "sittin in" style jam session. Jimmy played his piece from Poco, Kenny played the song he wrong for Anne Murray, they chatted, Kenny played a piece from his current CD "Alive & Kick'n" (that song), they chatted a bit more, play some more, and then got the stage back to normal, and kicked ass till almost 11 PM (3 call backs, encores)

My brother went with an open mind, and said "Holy Shit" these guys can play! In his younger days, he played (singer) for one of Maine's most popular bands) His girlfriend, said it was better then the Stones and Dylan and most of the other 20 or so concerts she'd been to, and close to the best concert she had ever been to (she too went with an open mind).

The folks next to us, not friends just fans, were talking to others and said about the same stuff, "Best concert they'd been too... better then... blah, blah..."

They played damn near every song from every album they had done over the years... if I could see my way clear to go to another show - I'd be in line getting tickets right now!

At the break, I caught myself listening to a bunch of folks, and many went with friends, and way too many, said they never heard of these guys??? But ALL said - great things about the band, music and show.

MANY of these same folks, went over a bought CD's (the lady next to me bought 6 - heck is that all of them:)) I'd say, 8 to 12 folks around us bought CD's, and they had to wait in line, this was nice to see.

All I and everyone we heard/ talked to / saw, say -is "GO, GO, GO, you'll be glad you did. - Skip

PS... Oh, did I mention, the crowd was clapping, cheering, pounding on the seats to bring them back... it was really cool to see / hear folks who just didn't give up, and REALLY wanted them to come back for more!