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Time Warp at the Gorge

30 years = 1 week.

It's like Jim & Kenny stepped off stage
last week, rather than thirty years ago! Go listen to them and you won't be able to
tell the difference. Too bad they can't bottle it up and sell that fountain of youth
feeling you get from listening to them live. Oh, but wait, you can! Go listen to
them and you'll know what I mean.

Thanks for bringing your great tunes back guys. Hopefully we'll see ya next year, with maybe some new cuts. And your band rocks! YOU GUYS ARE THE HOT TICKET! Thanks for the blast! - Don

So, we travelled 6 hours from Helena, Montana to George Washington to see an obscure band named Loggins and Messina that hadn't play'd together since 1976. I am a fan.

Kenny Loggins, 'high energy' and Jim Messina, 'grounded realism' have, after 30 years, realized what the rest of us knew all along. The combination, of the two artists, along with the contributions of a band that is without a doubt, "second to none" is completely irrestiable. The show, which I wanted so much in my heart to be a complete success, surpassed my my most exaggerated imagination. I was complete-ly dumbfounded by the professional and emotional performance I witnessed.

This experience was one that I would recommend to any and all people who want to understand the very roots of artistic expression. This band and the
combination of these two artists is a lesson to us all about the power of reconciling differences. This "show", was without a doubt the most meaningful and enjoyable experience of my life. I hope the two of you realize that your continued
collaboration is much more important than the dollars generated by the combo. The value reaches to the very center of the both of you as well a the center of all of
us who have listened to your music and lyrics over the years. Its the most amazing
musical performance I have seen in years. I thank you for it and I recommend it
highly to anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to hear and see it prior to this
point in time. I have never seen a better performance and I hope the two of you
continue your collaboration with one another into the future. Thanks for a very
enjoyable evening. - Doug Melton

George, WA - The Gorge

God, it's great to have the both of them back together! They seemed to simply pick up where they left off in the 70's! Even better news; Time has been good to the duo! Their playing, singing, and entertaining in their folksy, down home manner with tight harmonies, creative arrangements was superb!

They chose their new band members well! Those young bucks add a good energy to the boys, not to mention their extreme talent!

The material was well chosen! The big 4, Sittin' In, Loggins and Messina, Full Sail, and Motherlode were well represented in the show.

The video backdrop was a great addition. The 70's footage was fun to see! Has it been 30 years?

Jimmy Messina has an incredible mastery of the fretboard! Watching him direct the band, adding his signature licks, and solos on both acoustic, electric guitars, and the mandolin reinforced what an incredible talent he is!

Kenny Loggins, what vocal texture, what range, what a consummate performer he is. (Not to mention a great songwriter!). Yes, he's lost nothing off his fastball! His guitar work was excellent, and complemented Messina's in the best of ways!

And in the end; Isn't it all about the songs? Their library is timeless! They performed them with the loving respect that those songs deserve!

My prediction: As word gets out, as the venues experience the L & M magic, the bandwagon is gonna be mighty full! New believers, old believers, Loggins and Messina are
gonna make it an unforgettable summer! We can only hope that they keep it going beyond the current tour!  - Steve Teasley

Wow what a treat! I have been wishing for years that Loggins & Messina would get back together to tour and maybe do some new material. What a dream come true! The show at the gorge was fantastic from start to finish and was great to share with my brother, his wife and my sister. This is the music I came of age with and got married to in 1977 with Danny's song. I hope you will video tape the concert throughout the tour & put out a DVD in the Fall or Winter Thanks again guy's, you, the band and show were awesome! -Rick Carter in Seattle

The boys did great, playing for about three hours, most of my favorites including some obscure ones like Long Tail Cat, Be Free, Changes, and Lady of My Heart. Jim's guitar work is still incredible. I've heard Kenny's band do Angry Eyes many times, but to hear it with Jim's guitar
playing is so beautiful... words cannot describe it. YOU MUST GO.  I spent a good share of the concert in tears because I was so happy. - EC

Loggins and Messina was the first concert I ever went to 30ish years ago so I just had to be at your Reunion Concert. It was a five hour drive from Portland, Oregon to The Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington but so worth it - the concert was awesome!!! It's so great to have Loggins and Messina performing together again. Best of luck to you on your tour and I hope this is the beginning of some more great music - love the old classics but have room to love some new songs, too!!! - Linda Olson