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Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

A gorgeous LA evening was the backdrop for a wonderful, entertaining show.
The Greek was almost at capacity, once everyone made their way in after dealing
with the traffic. Kenny and Jimmy were great, and it was so cool to see them
together after so long. The boys in the band were outstanding to listen to,
and fun to watch. They really did capture it all live. Setlist was pretty much the same - just about everything you could ask for! They are still working a few minor kinks with the equipment and crew, but everything seemed to run pretty smooth. No stops, anyway! This was a show we've waited for way too long. It was a great night to remember! - Rich

Thanks guys, for a perfect summer evening! I had the great joy of seeing Loggins & Messina many times back in the day, and I really didn't think it could get any better; but I was wrong! The music was incredibly tight, the vocals amazing and the entire evening felt very intimate. The magic was there, even stronger than before. The heartfelt connection between
audience and artists was like nothing I've experienced before. There was no "best"
moment, because every moment was perfection. - Marti

p.s. Jimmy - don't you know how many of us fell in love with those smiling eyes 30
years ago? The shades killed me! =)

Most musical groups have a peak in their career and then slowly fade out of the
picture. Loggins & Messina? Well if you thought you saw this act at their peak you
could be in for a surprise. These guys just get better and better.

This show was not your typical show. This was more of an event. The show was about
three hours long and I think just about everybody in the audience was ready for
another few hours.

Kenny Loggins and Jimmy Messina have aged but this age has worked to their
advantage. Kenny's voice is better than ever and his guitar work was terrific.
Jimmy's voice and guitar work are also better than ever. The informal and ad lib
interplay between the two of them was terrific. One could tell these two guys have
had a lot of walking under their boots over the years and this additional time on
the planet has raised their level of talent, ability, and refinement seldom seen in
acts with a career spanning so many decades.

The band. Every one of these folks are worth seeing alone. Every member of the
group was first rate. This tour has just started but the band was tight and
together as though they had been together for years. One song which spotlights each
band member was something that had everybody in the audience spell bound. Each member was an act in themselves giving a stellar performance.

The sound. A company called OSA (On Stage Audio) handled the audio duties with perfection. I can usually find multiple faults in just about any performance but I gave up trying to find fault with these OSA folks. This is as good as it gets folks.

I hear a LOT of acts. I work for a company called Groove Tubes and they have been
around since 1979. I attend many shows, concerts, and performances. I don't really
write reviews but looking at the L&M website and the next tour dates (to tell
friends not to miss the show), I saw that there were reviews posted and there was an ability to post myself.

Bottom line ... don't miss a chance to see these guys. There are some things in
life that only come around once; 69 Woodstock as an example. This show is
like a comet .... it came back after 30 years. Just to be on the safe side you might want to strongly consider seeing this event if it is anywhere close to your area.
- Myles S. Rose

Wow, Kenny and Jimmy, really pulled out all the stops, for a concert I have been
praying for since they split up. I saw these guys in '73' when they opened for the
Allman Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl and they are just as cookin' now as back then. The biggest change was the audience, very few under 30 besides my son, 21. I had to expose him to the best country rock music ever written and played.

Thanks guys for playing the tunes I didn't expect, like " Sailing the wind", "Keep me in mind", "Whisky", " Be Free" and so many others. It was like you never left!
Looking forward to the DVD of Santa Barbara Bowl! - Bongo Bob

I had the pleasure to be at the show last night, WOW! I am a Kenny Loggins fan and anything Kenny does is alright. It was like they were never apart. loved the old favorites. Thanks guys for a wonderful summer night. - valerie

Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina have been my favorites since 1972, when they first got together. As a teenager I remember seeing them at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion and the Ahmanson Theater. I also saw them perform at a less known place, the Swing Auditorium, in San Bernardino, Ca. Since they pursued their independent, musical careers, I have seen Kenny Loggins perform at The Cerritos Performing Arts and the Greek Theater.

It was a special night to remember at the Greek Theater, to see them together again, as it should be. They are the best. Their music is timeless and so beautiful. Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina are pros in their craft. They perfected their unique style. I hope to see them perform again during Labor Day weekend at McCallum Theater in Palm Desert. They will always be near and dear to me. The music of Loggins and Messina has sustained me in happy and sad times. - Doris

Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre

It was a perfect evening for what was to be a perfect night. Kenny and Jim hit the stage promptly at 8. Unfortunately about 10-20% of the audience wasn't as prompt.

Nonetheless they kicked it off with a sweet harmony on Watching the River Run. The continued taking turns singing ballads with the band playing softly behind them. The boys pulled some surprises in performing Sailin' the Wind which was done to perfection. The first half of the show ended with a great rendition of Your Mama Don't Dance.

The band was rock solid. Although the band was either little kids or not even born yet when Loggins & Messina was in full bloom you couldn't tell that by the way they hit every note of every song. The band was truly great. One of the best surprises of the evening was the rousing performance of Same Old Wine that is as fitting today as it was in 1972. Towards the end of the second half the band was jamming. After 3 encores ending with a great sing-a-long of Danny's song the evening came to a glorious close.

By all appearances, Kenny and Jim seemed to be having more fun playing this evening then they did 30 years ago. The crowd, although older than the first time they might have seen Loggins & Messina perform, was very energetic and by the end the entire crowd was standing. After seeing L & M play for the first time in October 1973 and all subsequent tours until the split in 1977, watching them play tonight not only brought me back to a great place and time but also proved "like a fine wine, we get better with age". Thank you Kenny and Jimmy for the memories of the past and mostly for last night. - Eric Shapiro

Awesome!! Even though my husband and I sat in the last possible row, I've never had so much fun! I am amazed at the brain's capacity for song lyrics. I knew every song except "Alive and Kickin'" from Kenny's new album. Funny, even Kenny mentioned the "a" word (album).

I saw wonderful camaraderie, humor, and respect.... wonderful musicians, all. I especially enjoyed Jim's solos on his own songs and his choosing to sing a song from Buffalo Springfield by his friend Richie Furay.

I've seen Kenny Loggins perform before. He's never sounded better! Everyone on the stage seemed relaxed and comfortable, like putting on your favorite shirt. Just a
wonderful, magical evening. Long live L&M!!!! - Margie Ehlers

An incredibly smooth concert, well planned sets and graphics. Jim and Kenny were precise on their guitar work and vocals sounded as if they have played continuously for 30 years. All the band members were excellent and had great energy and technique especially in the percussion section. Being a huge Poco fan I appreciated Jim giving Richie Furay some props playing "Kind Woman". I enjoyed this concert as much as the Band seemed to enjoy performing. If you have a chance to catch this tour...don't miss it! - Vince Cartusciello

June 29, 2005 at The Greek in Los Angeles. Loggins and Messina did 26 songs (during their heyday, they didn't do that many). The only album not touched was "Native Son." I loved that Jimmy pulled out two Poco songs (thanking Richie Furay in the process) to show his previous life to L&M and his influence in music. Kenny's non L&M song was "Alive and Kickin" (his mini autobiography) from "It's About Time." A few of the songs were total surprises. They did "Same Old Wine", "Sailin the Wind", "Whiskey" and "Keep Me in Mind." These sounded wonderful. As for the band, these guys looked young enough to not even being born when L&M were around but they played like they were always there. Their music was tight.

Some of the other surprises were Kenny's harmonica solo during "Same Old Wine," his guitar solo in "Vahevala", Jimmy taking most of the lead vocal for "Peace of Mind," and, in the background, showing photos from the yearly years. Kenny saw himself from 1973 and said, "Who the hell is that guy?"

The overall sound at the Greek was tremendous. No distortions, every vocal was crystal clear and each instrument was heard. Both Kenny and Jimmy looked and sounded like they were thrilled to be there and having a great time performing again. I certainly hope that when they get to Santa Barbara and are recording for the upcoming DVD of this tour that they are as hot as they were yesterday. Who knows, maybe there could actually be new music in their future. There was a packed house that would love to see and hear that. - Alan

Wow - the surprise delight of the concert summer season! I have never seen Loggins and Messina before and I was just blown away. Man those guys can really sing and play. And the band is incredible. And the sound and lights are superb. What a winner show.

Saw the show at The Greek theatre in Los Angeles last night. From the first song through the final tune I was awed. The guys seemed to never miss a beat both musically and vocally. The band was great. I loved the mandolin on "Be Free" and the sax players were fantastic! Great time. - Nancy

I can't even begin to say how phenomenal it was to finally, and I do mean finally see my favorite 70's duo live again after all these years.

The ambiance at the Greek Theatre was absolutely perfect as Jim Messina commented: "I don't think it could get any better". I have been longing to see Kenny and Jim back together ever since Kenny recorded "Celebrate Me Home". Not that I didn't fully appreciate each of their brilliant solo efforts, but there just seems to be a unique energy when these two great artists perform together.

The main thing I want to make sure and note is just how excellent the band was. I actually had my doubts when I heard that none of the original band members were being brought in for the reunion tour because I have always told anyone who would listen that the original Loggins and Messina band was, in my opinion, the most under- appreciated band perhaps ever put together. I am happy to say that this new band more than lived up to their predecessors in a big way. They sounded terrific. I only wish they had played both "My Music" and "Thinking of You" but that's just because I'm greedy. That's what happens when you're waiting around for 30 years but, better late than never guys. It was well worth the wait. How about some new material and maybe finally releasing "So Fine" and "Finale" on CD for us true blue fans. Thanks again for the great show guys, I won't soon forget it. - Art Somoza

The entire show was magical. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It was a privilege to be in the audience. - Carolyn

As soon as I heard about the reunion tour, I knew I must do anything to get there. I grew up listening to their music but am a little younger by about 8 years to have ever seen them live. I must tell you that listening to songs like Long Tail Cat, Holiday Hotel and the like from "On Stage" brought actual tears to my eyes. It was a perfect night, perfect backdrop and the set list was awesome. The band behind these guys is awesome and I can only imagine they will get tighter as the tour runs on. When I bought the tix,
this was the closest venue, however they are coming to Temecula, walking distance and I am anxiously awaiting tix to go on sale as I will definitely be seeing this show again. Who knows when we will get another opportunity to
see L & M live. Please guys, how about a new album and a follow-up tour to that? - Janet Schwartz-Zackey

Great show by Loggins and Messina! I had to go out and buy the best of cd. The music of today doesn't touch the lyrics and soul of these two greats. I especially liked Angry Eyes. Nothing like hearing them live. - Gina Maria