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The Grove - Anaheim, CA

Just came from the show at the Anaheim Grove - It was so wonderful to see Kenny and Jimmy together again. They sang all of the songs that the crowd, including myself, wanted to hear from the old days. The band was so "right on" with the entire evening. The show was about 3 hours long with a short intermission. It was quite evident that Kenny and Jimmy were so pleased be together again. It showed in their performance and their comments to each other and the crowd throughout the entire show. So glad I saw them after sooooo many years apart! - Ruth Hesketh


I had never seen L&M perform together so this was a real treat. I've been a fan since the '70's and have seen Kenny several times. The show last night was incredible. The venue was small and intimate. I must say the thing that surprised and amazed me the most was THEIR BAND. I don't know where they found this group of
musicians but they were each outstanding!

The night started out good, then got
better and ended up INCREDIBLE. If you have the chance to see L&M, don't miss it! - Barbara Legere

All I can say is I want this live tour on DVD, DVD-A and SACD! What a great
performance! My wife and I went with other friends who were L&M fans in the
70's as well, and we all left and made the same comment, "that has got to be the best concert I have ever been to!"

Musically, the bands craft was at it's best and the concert really showed off Jimmy's superior musical talents.

Sign me up for the 2 disc DVD when it is announced!! - Jim VeNard

What do you mean its the first time they've played together in 30yrs? You could have fooled me. The way they played in Phoenix you would swear they never parted. The only thing that gave them away was their hairstyles but showing all the photos in the background cleared any
confusion on that. I was so impressed they played the songs they recorded together and not songs from their solo careers. They truly made it a reunion and made it possible for all the fans that have been
listening to their music for 30yrs to be "Sitting In" and enjoy the tunes like we were all old friends. - Stephen



Anaheim, CA - The Grove

During L&M's original heyday (after last night I think they're headed for an important and renewed heyday which is why I characterize it that way), radio success was a blessing and a curse all at the same time.

There were and still are those who simply see the duo through that lens as the "Your Mama Don't Dance", "Danny's Song", "House at Pooh Corner" guys. Those of us who have been fans from the very start and are familiar with every note of every album understand that their
musical reach has always been broader and deeper than those hits (and let's be clear ... those songs, each one of 'em, are still great).

A reunion tour always invites the charge that it's primarily about nostalgia and money with the music taking an inevitable and sad back seat. That cynical assessment simply comes with the territory. But the sheer joy of what I saw and heard at The Grove on Sunday night is
that the music is still absolutely front-and-center. The music is the true "star" of this show. For me, the music of Loggins and Messina is part of my DNA, the soundtrack to a significant portion of my life as a young man. So of course the deja-vu effect is inescapable. Yet, the songs themselves (and indeed, the guys themselves) are still brimming with life and meaningful artistry.

During their original run, the one thing you could always count on at an L&M concert was a rousing, intense, we-didn't-just-phone-it-in performance with impeccable musicianship all around. The new band's line-up is absolutely a worthy successor to the sheer time-after-time
virtuosity I remember from Messrs. Garth, Clarke, Sims and Bregante. (And if the late Jon Clarke can see and hear these reunion concerts from a balcony seat somewhere in Eternity, you can't help but wonder if he's grinning ear-to-ear at the goings on.)

A few things were pleasantly unexpected. With Kenny's long post-L&M solo career in mind, this reunion concert reacquainted me with how much the guy can really rock AND play guitar. Guitar-wise, he just goes after it! Their first album was, by original design, a "mostly features Kenny" affair. So it's great to hear these reunion versions
where they're now trading verses back and forth. It was also great to hear such wonderful takes on "Kind Woman" and "You'd Better Think Twice". Especially now, people sadly tend to forget Messina's integral part in the pedigree of two of the most seminal groups in all of rock: Buffalo Springfield and Poco. Hearing Messina's voice and guitar still at the top of his form, no jury in the world would
convict me for also longing for a regrouping of either of those outfits. All the later country-rock bands that got the credit certainly stood, in part, on the shoulders the Springfield, Poco and L&M. And like Woody Allen's Zelig, Messina is always standing in that picture ... right where he belongs.

To reclaim and reinvigorate one's past is no small feat. But the best music has a sort of life of it's own with a relevance and transcendence across the years. By that measure, Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina are delighting audiences night after night by soundly demonstrating that both they and the music they created have still got "it" in spades.

What's enticing, though, is to wonder what may come next. There's simply no substitute for thirty additional years of musicianship, songwriting and life experience. So Kenny and Jim ... what's that new Loggins and Messina album going to sound like?!? - Bob Bennett