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Honolulu, HI

Emme Tomimbang is a veteran broadcaster and long-time friend of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina. This October, she hosted a backstage party for the guys, before their Honolulu concert. For photos and more info, click here.

A recent television special aired October 20th, 2005 on KHON2 in Hawaii, featuring highlights of Emme's 30-year broadcasting career. Emme's Island Moments features a look back at her very first interview with Loggins & Messina on the eve of their split 30 years ago ... and offers a glimpse into their lives today, as they wrapped up their tour in Hawaii.

Emme sent us some of her comments about the concert at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu:

"They did all of their hits -- you instantly reminisced and time-traveled to some better, and maybe not so good times of your life. The music took you there! They were incredible! As tight musically as they were before. Kenny's voice was as powerful as ever! And Jimmy is a kick ass guitar player!

"Pauline WIlson made a nice cameo appearance on "Lahaina." Hapa performed w/ them on Maui, along with Ernie Cruz, Jr.

"They had so much fever-pitch energy ... it was a great concert, with at least 5 thousand people in attendance!

"People were up dancing from early on, but when "Your Mama Don't Dance" came up, the ENTIRE Blaisdell audience was on their feet! I haven't seen this kind of concert energy in a VERY long time ... and to think they could do it like this after 30 years!"

Before the concert, State Senator Clayton Hee presented the duo with framed proclamations, commemorating their long-awaited reunion concerts in Hawaii, their music all these years -- together and
separately, their influence on island musicians, their love for Hawaii and the islands and their constant visits and homes here.

Hawaii Reviews

The smile is still on my face and the memories live on
in my heart.... My unending gratitude to Kenny & Jim for doing this tour and letting us remember and see again how great they really are; to the band and to every crew member and person who made the tour possible.

Detroit was the first tour date I saw - the sound was incredible at the Fox, followed by Mt. Pleasant and Columbus. The fans and audience in Columbus surpassed those in MI as the energy that was offered up and returned from the stage was incredible. Hearing L&M live again was such a gift in and of itself but compounded by the fact that there was not a huge difference in the sound between then
and now.

My soul's purpose was to go to Hawaii to see the Honolulu and Maui concerts - I was not disappointed and both concerts surpassed anything I could have imagined, I don't regret a single moment. The last concert - under the moon and stars with palms trees for a backdrop, coupled with every artist giving 200% was beyond any accolade I can come up with. Again, Thank you! - Cindy

I wouldn't have missed this one for the world -- and flew in from California just to catch Kenny and Jim "sittin' in" at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center on Sunday night.

I left living on Maui years ago with great memories of L&M hanging out, playing at the Lahaina yacht club and the tennis courts and sailing on the Flying Cloud... Jim
Messina was my rock and roll crush.

They were as awesome last night as they were 30 years ago -- I could close my eyes and it was like time had stopped -- great music is one of the things in this world that can make you feel that way and they were beyond great.

The rain started, as if on cue, during the second encore but it didn't keep me from leaving with a smile on my face and in my heart. Just pure L&M rock 'n roll -- it doesn't get any better -- especially with an excellent group of musicians and guests.

Thank you Jim, thank you Kenny.  Aloha - Susy

What a night! The guys sound better than I could've ever dreamed... played every song I could ever want to hear... and the band was nails.

Special guests Hapa and Ernie Cruz Jr. (for a rollicking Lahaina) was a special treat. Hapa also did Ku'u Lei Awapuni... gave me chickenskin. Jimmy seemed really "in" to this part of the show.

To end a perfect night...the skies opened up at the end of Danny's Song... then... it stopped... the crowd and the guys loved it. Kenny and Jim sound way to good to end this now.

Many Mahalo's for including Maui on this awesome tour. - Tom Clark