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PNC Bank Arts Center

You forget that these guys were pioneers, mixing country rock with a horn section in
a full out jam band. The band was phenomenal. It was a real trip for my brother who saw Loggins and Messina at Duke University in 1975, and he still has the concert poster. When Jim went into "Same Old Wine" (clear Buffalo Springfield influence) it sounded as great, and as pognant as it did thirty some odd years ago. I can only hope that they are enjoying touring together again as much as we are enjoying the shows. Hope they realize they have a good thing and keep it going. I don't want to wait another thirty years. - Elisa

We just got home from the show and all I can say is WOW...what a show!! The guys
were awesome ... you would never know they have been apart for so many years. I think they sound better than 30 years ago. I almost forgot that I missed that many years between shows. I felt like a 20 year old again. They are clearly happy with
themselves and they have every right to be. Both Kenny and Jimmy look and sound
wonderful. Thanks for finally giving all of us 70's L & M fans a night we will never forget. - Toni & Wayde

I drove from Connecticut to see the guys. The concert was absolutely top of the line. They played for over two and a half hours. I found myself feeling, by the second song, that Ii could see this concert Forever. When this tour is finished they could tour again. and still pack 'em in.

Kenny's voice is the same as ever and was impressed to hear that Jim's is too. What a blessing!

At first sight the back up band looked like a bunch of kids ... and for good reason ... relative to most of the audience they are! Lucky for us, Loggins & Messina saw past the lack of chronological years and saw the extreme talent these young men have.

Great timing for the reunion, although the fans had to wait and wait and ...
thirty years, most are probably past the age of having to worry about toddlers, babysitters and bedtimes. We're past that..Hallelujah! We could just Be
Free and relish the evening. - Kim

I spent the 70's attending every L&M show that I could get to and last night's show at PNC was as good or maybe better than any I remember. Especially since Jim showcased his earlier work with Poco and Buffalo Springfield. I was especially impressed with the fact they reached deeply into their history to play some lesser known but just as wonderful tunes. Not to mention a great version of Friend of the Devil. It was worth waiting 30 years for! - Abby

OK it's the morning after the show last night in Holmdel N.J. when I awoke I was still singing Same Old Wine THEY DESTROYED THE PLACE. I can only say to any True L&M Fan There isn't any thing left for want after the night.I had a Smile on my face all night long and my Heart was singing .... Don't miss this show this may be a once in a life time event... Thanks Guys for remembering the pleasure your music brought so many for so long. - Sal Fiore

All I can say is WOW! I've been to a few concerts in my life, and quite a few this year already, but I have to say this was the absolute best!!!! My husband is always along for the ride, but the choice of shows is usually mine - in the middle of the show last night he said - " I don't know about you - but I'm going to see them at Radio City" ---- leaving me shocked and delighted!!! Their voices and the band were fantastic - they haven't lost a thing. Can't wait to tell everyone at work how great they were! - MJ Caruccio

I've never seen L&M perform live together (only Kenny solo) but a long time musical fantasy of mine was to have been lucky enough to be a member of the audience when L&M recorded their live On Stage album. I've been playing that album for 20+ years and I know every note and lyric of every song. And lo and behold, my fantasy finally came true Saturday night! Although the songs weren't exactly in the same order and Golden Ribbons only got a brief mention, it was a magical night for me. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I was treated to a little Poco and Buffalo Springfield, not to mention some old L&M favorites like Be Free and Watching the River Run. Thanks Kenny & Jim, my cup runneth over!! - Pam

Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

It was sure one happy party under the stars at the Arts Center on Saturday Night.

People were dancing, clapping their hands and singing along to every song. Smiles were everywhere.

What made this evening a special event for my wife and me was that we were celebrating our 28th Anniversary having married on July 23,1977, the same year L&M disbanded. During our dating and into our marriage we listened to their albums over & over, marveling at their craftsmanship and intricate jams. Tonight, we were thrilled to hear them reunite to reproduce those sounds live.

During the morning, I happened to catch a radio interview where Kenny described how he and Jimmy took turns writing each line of Watching the River Run. So when they
opened with it, it blew me away, as it was on my mind all day long.

As breezy sound effects opened the serene Sailin' the Wind, a background video of clouds with a sea gull floating in the air above a cruising catamaran further set the mood. I knew we were in for a great concert.

Later on, I was chilled by the poignancy of 1971's Same Old Wine, as together we proclaimed: "We teach our children virtue, then we send them off to war. Then we ask ourselves the question, what in the hell are we fightin' for?" 34 years later, it really is the same old wine in a brand new bottle.

I have to comment on Kenny's incredible voice. I knew something special was coming as he put down his guitar, grabbed a mike and meandered to the front of the stage.
I was not disappointed as he knelt down, dug deep and emitted the most soulful pleading imaginable about wanting Peace of Mind. He forever changed the way I will
hear that song. What an anniversary. - Dan Cervo

I had such a wonderful time watching Kenny and Jimmy have such a great time... I fogot how great a guitar player
and mandolin player Jimmy is ....so many great songs I totally enjoyed... I was a L&M fan and when they split
went right into a Kenny solo fan and followed and went to many shows... L&M always had a great backing band and I was concerned on how they could pull this off ... Well they did and then some!

The place went wild ... the only song that it seemed most people didn't go nuts for as i did was Whiskey... Kenny during the end of guitar solo on his new tune Alive and Kickin --which kicked -- played a couple notes of Footloose. Also Kenny went into a Grateful Dead tune Friend of the Devil which the whole audience participated in, it was wonderful, it took me by surprise and the whold place knew the words....I am not a great reviewer but I will tell ya, as Jimmy mentioned L&M will be at the NY CITY Carnegie Hall Sept.21st and I for sure will go ...

This is a tour that could with no hesitation go on ... little more airplay, etc... and I dont see a reason why they can't pack every venue and have a rousing time. - Jim

I have been to many concerts and some of the best were Grateful Dead, BB King, Albert King, CSN, The Band, Santana, Buddy Guy and a few others, but by far this one
was THE BEST !!

I have been a fan of Loggins and Messina since they started and had tickets to see them three times in the NY area in the 70's but something always happened. The first time, Kenny cut his hand - tour cancelled; 2nd time - something else - tour cancelled; 3rd time - my car broke down. Worst luck back then. "What a long strange trip it's been"

When I got the tickets for this show and it came down to show time and still nothing bad happened, I'm thinking that this is finally my time.

Well as it turned, out it was well worth the 30 year wait. That was a spectacular show and my wife and I had a great night. The acoustic set was a lot of fun to sing along to and the jams were great. "Same Old Wine" to "Be Free" to "You Need A Man" to "Vahevala" was awesome. Jimmy and Kenny sounded like they have been playing together all these years. The band was so good and sounded so tight. Just a wonderful night had by all. Thanks for bringing back the good times and good memories. How about putting some of this great music on a new ON STAGE live cd ??

By the way, not to jinx anything, but we are going to Radio City Sept 21st -- see you there! Keep on rockin' - Ralph F

I've been waiting 30 years to hear these guys again. When I heard them in Kansas City 30 years ago, I was electrified. Not only is their music exceptional but Jimmy Messina's guitar was a separate band member with it's own voice.

In Holmdel, I was in the 8th row and extremely gratified
to hear how well the sound of L&M had been preserved. I kept leaning over to my wife to ask, "Why doesn't Jimmy turn it up?" I couldn't get enough. Was the band as good as the original? No of course not. The original band was a magical blend of Al Garth on violin, Larry Sims on Bass, and Jon Clarke on Sax & Oboe. When Vahevela was performed, they actually played the steel drums rather than synthesizing it on a keyboard. Angry Eyes was the tune that they stretched into one of the best set of jazz solos ever.

Jimmy's guitar was loud and popping and had a slight echo/reverb effect, with infinite sustain on it, (if he wanted it). But, I'm a perfectionist. Kenny's voice was totally the same, Jimmy's was only slightly different but great! The new band played with total enthusiasm but was not nearly as talented as the first band. Don't get me wrong. These guys were phenomenal. But, to compare them to the "Best" live concert I have ever heard in my life, (L&M in KC), this was only the second best. But, hey, this tour isn't old enough to have the band even gel yet. Long Story Short ... Long live L&M!!! - Jef Fiorini

I have one word to say, unbelievable! I saw a ton of L&M shows in the 70's and have seen 20 Kenny shows through the years, the latest ones being last year. This had to be one of the GREATEST! - Debbie