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Hilfiger @ Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY

All I can say is WOW!!! what a show, what a night. It just couldn't have been any
better. These two guys compliment each other better than any two around. This
certainly was a night to remember.

Thanks to Kenny and Jim for sharing their wonderful talents with all their fans, new and old. - Janet & Abby

Awesome show tonight ... perfect weather, the greatest concert I've ever been to.You guys never sounded better, the band was fantastic. The place was rockin to Your Mama Don't Dance, Vahevala, Same Old Wine, Be Free & Angry Eyes. You guys haven't missed a beat. The concert event of the summer. Thanks for a great evening. - Paul Andrews Jr.

Perfect weather, perfect band, perfect duo. The only problem was that the boys blew thru Danny's song. Only gave us 2 verses instead of the complete classic. Either there was an 11:00 PM curfew or someone had to use the
little boys room.All the classics were performed 100% complete but the final song to end the perfect evening came up way too short! Everything else was just tremendous... - Jeff and Marcia



Hilfiger @ Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY

The show at Jones Beach (July 24th) was so much better than I thought possible. We had such a good time singing along (hope we didn't annoy the people around us TOO much).

The Loggins & Messina back-up band in the 70s was incredible, so I was thinking "No way will they be able to find a band that good today." Boy, was I wrong!! The show last night sounded like a continuation of the ON STAGE album, upgraded for the 21st Century. They were so hot, musically speaking. The horn players, the guy on the fiddle and dobro, the drummer. the bass player and keyboard guy blew the whole beach away.

On TOP of that, Loggins & Messina sang and played their hearts out. I was absolutely amazed at how good they sounded. Kenny is still an incredible performer, and Jimmy flat-out floored me by his always-amazing guitar and mandolin work. Just a few months ago, I was
regretting the fact that that I'd never seen Loggins & Messina in person, and, lo and behold, they took care of that last night in a BIG way. Thanks so much, guys!! You're are blessing people's hearts in a major way. - Pete R

Back in the early 70's, I wasn't a big L&M fan...sure I knew Your Mama Don't Dance & Danny's Song, but that was about it. Then, in 1975, they were playing at Kutztown
State College in Pennsylvania. One of my college buddies told me "There is nothing like a Loggins & Messina concert, we're going!". I went and was hooked...bought all of their albums and saw them twice more before they disbanded.

Now 30 years later, as I saw them again, I was reminded of what my college buddy had told me, THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A LOGGINS & MESSINA CONCERT!"

As I have read in all of the other posted reviews, it's like time stood still. Kenny and Jimmy's voices are just as amazing as they were back in the early 70's. Believe, it's true. Equally impressive are the stellar supporting musicians that now comprise the band. With due homage to the old band, this new cast is incredible and captures
the spirit and magic of those shows from the past.

If you have never seen a Loggins & Messina concert, don't miss this rare opportunity. If you were fortunate to have seen them play in the 70's, you won't believe your eyes & ears. - Robert