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Merriweather Post Pavillion

Thank goodness I had read about the Loggins and Messina reunion because if I
hadn't, I probably would have missed one the concert highlights of my life.
It took 2 hours to get to Merriweather Post Pavilion and 3 hours to get home, but I floated the whole way.

Everyone at the show was just saying how unbelievably great they sounded. Could 30 years really have gone by? Everything
about it was put together so well and it clearly wasn't simply a reunion tour. It
was really something special. My only complaint was that in opening with Watching the River Run and House at Pooh Corner, the audience was still rather
noisily getting to their seats and I was straining a bit to hear the wonderful music. It was my own fault though, for not buying the most expensive seats. I was towards the back. Nevertheless, it was 3 hours of bliss. Thanks so much Kenny and Jim! - Lisa


This was even better than 1973 when Jim Croce opened for Loggins and Messina. Kenny and Jim played like they have been together since the 70's. They didn' miss a beat. The band they havce assembled was tight as could be.

Do youself a favor ... if you saw Loggins and Messina in the 70's , this concert will make you feel like you have returned to that era. I felt like a kid again and I can't wait to see them again.

Thanks Kenny and Jim for reuniting and doing it right. Merriweather rocked once
again.......bring ' em back!!!!!!!!! - andy

I have been a huge Loggins and Messina fan since the start of their career, and have never stopped listening to their music. I, of course, have followed Kenny's solo career as well. When I was at work and I heard a local radio station announce that they were getting together for a Summer tour, I absolutely couldn't believe it. I was acting like a nut! (Just ask my co-workers.) I had been waiting 30 years for this!

I got chills when Kenny and Jim came out
on stage... the concert was phenomenal. They still sound so great and they still have that undeniable "magic" together. At first, I was a little disappointed that their original band members weren't with them and of course, very sad to learn of Jon Clarke's passing. But their new band was awesome -- all were top notch musicians. With them being so young, I wonder if they really realized who they were playing music with that night? I sure hope so.

I brought two friends with me, both of whom are younger than me and had never even known that Kenny Loggins was once part of a duo. They both enjoyed the concert tremendously and one even bought their new CD! A new Loggins and Messina fan is born ... woo hoo! I am so grateful that I had the amazing opportunity to experience Loggins and Messina together...again. - Sue

I am 51 years old and have been to many, many concerts in the last 35 years, including a Loggins & Messina concert in 1975. This was by far the best concert I have EVER been to. L&M harmonized beautifully both in voice and on guitar in song after song. This was NOT a nostalgia act. This was a pair of pros, still at the peak of their game with a killer band and they put on a very well organized show. They played for more than two and a half hours all told. Solos were fabulous, vocals were fabulous.

They played mostly Loggins and Messina material but made it fresh and exciting. Glad I went to this one. Hope they come round again next year!! - John R

Columbia MD - Merriweather Post Pavillion

How does one begin to describe an experience that completely exceeds even your highest expectations and then some? The first time I saw Loggins and Messina was in August 1973, also at Merriweather Post Pavilion. (How long ago was that? The late Jim Croce was the opening act!) I then caught them three more times at the Capital Center in 1974, 1975 and 1976. They always put on a great show,
but nothing even remotely this stupendous!

From the opening notes of "Watching The River Run" to the closing chorus of "Danny's Song," Kenny and Jim executed a performance so riveting and exquisite that it ranks among the top five concerts I have ever seen. I was also sitting in Row AAA dead center and to be a part of the energy and joy that was emanating from the stage was astounding. The sound was perfect, the musicians in the band were all right on their marks and the video graphics elevated the
performance to an art form.

In addition to the hits, specific highlights included "Travelin' Blues," "Whiskey" and "Keep Me In Mind," especially upon remembering Larry Simms singing it decades ago. However, the three most memorable tunes for me were "Sailin' The Wind," "Changes" and "Be Free," the latter of which has lost none of its ability to impress the listener with its intensity and complexity. It was also a genuine surprise to hear "Didn't I Know You When?"

I had waited nearly thirty years for this reunion tour and there were moments so emotional that I had to wipe the tears from eyes. For three hours, I was transported back to my high school and college days in a way I no longer
thought was possible. Perhaps the crowning touch was when Kenny Loggins "high fived" me at the end of the show, sealing an evening I will always remember.

In addition to my wife, I also brought along my 18 and 13 year old sons, all of whom realized what this reunion meant to me and probably a number of others as well. In fact, on the way out, my youngest son remarked to me, "Dad, now I understand what great music is really all about!"

Thanks for delivering what will undoubtedly be recalled as the best concert of 2005 and here's to engagingly productive and creative future! - Sam R

We had seats in Row AAA dead center- this was the first row directly in front of Jim. The set was the same as the night before in Camden - they were really on their game last night, though.

They aagin did You Better Think Twice and Kind Woman in the General Store part of the second set. Jim again got his big reaction when he mentioned Poco and Kenny got a large reaction to hia mention of Buffalo Springfield. They did a real long version of You Need A Man where everybody got a chance to solo- great version. I'm sure it will sound great on the dvd. They followed this with a "short" version of Vahevela (short by historic standards only).

I think one of my favorite songs was one that I believe they picked to send a message to their fans- Same Old Wine. The song is timeless in it's statements. It might have been written with a different President and a different War in mind but it still rang true in it's statements about the way things are done then and now. I also loved this song because they did such a fine job of playing it.

Jim & Kenny did a wonderful job picking the members of the band. They are very good at what they do - all of them. I found it slightly amusing at the Camden show last night that the fiddle player had a mohawk haircut, some facial piercings and wore a Metaalica t-shirt and is younger than any of the songs he is playing but he sure plays a mean fiddle. :-)

They have definitely two different styles of performing -- Kenny is much more animated and Jim just concentrates on his pickin and singing. They complement each other. I think they are genuinely having a good time.

I can't remember which night it was but at the end of one of the show Jim said something to the effect of "See you next year". So maybe there's hope for this to last. Go see this show and if it doesn't come to your town, buy the DVD. - Dennis

I was planning a group "50th" birthday party for July 23, 2005 in Glenn Dale, MD when I came upon the information that Loggins and Messina were back together.  As I told a "childhood" favorite memory including Loggins and Messina, two women said, "THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER!"

Stunned, I went home and looked on the internet, and found they were in Maryland July 22! I sent my mom an email explaining this would be the ultimate '50th' present. I saw Loggins and Messina FROM THE LAST ROW under cover, and cried from their first hug in center stage through "Watching the River Run" and" Pooh Corner" which I sang to my kids as babies. ( I also cried when Kenny
brought Amy Grant in to make the" I don't want to grow up" version) I about had my composure with" Traveling Blues," until,... SAIL AWAY. I was a goner again. My husband just watched me from the corner of his eye, expecting the emotion. On the night when I found out this was real, I couldn't sleep. I kept saying, "God brought them together for my birthday!" Beyond my greatest dreams.

THANK YOU for one more day.... My first time was D.A.R. Dec.1,1973, when all I knew was "Your Mama Don't Dance," but you gave me FULL SAIL. You have meant to me what the Beatles meant to many in our generation. During a rebelious time, your message related to the optimistic faith of my youth! Thanks again, I will always feel like
I know you and you know me. The NEW Jim Messina is now the imprint in my mind, Kenny hasn't changed, just matured. It's a good thing for all of us. I love you guys! - Kellie Maykrantz Bergen