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Target Center - Minneapolis, MN

I was waiting 32 years to see Loggins & Messina live. I have sent e-mails over the
last couple years to each of their web-sites pleading for a reunion tour. My wishes
were answered and I was not disappointed.

Like all the previous reviews, I too
compliment their choice of musicians that make up their touring band - what talent.
Kenny and Jim were amazing also. I have been a fan of both since their careers
began and bringing in Richie Furay to sit in on a couple songs was fantastic also. Like Richie said to both before he left the stage, "You guys are great."

I hope all Loggins and Messina fans have a chance to catch this show and I hope they do it again. I will be the first in line for tickets. This is definitely one of the best
concerts I have ever been to. My wife and I had a great time and from the bottom of
our hearts, we want to say "Thank You" for a wonderful evening. - Bruce L

I took my wife to the Loggins and Messina concert as a present for her 50th birthday. When a spectacular evening had ended, we could only wonder how two perfomers can still "have it," and two of their fans .... don't. ;-) Bob C.

What a great concert! We had such a great time! The music was top notch, vocals and harmony were just the best- L&M had everyone on their feet begging for more! I'm so glad you added Mpls. to your tour-it's obvious that you have alot of fans in the area that enjoyed the concert. Come back soon!!! Don't wait so long! Thanks for a great evening! - DEB V.
I was at your concert Saturday night in Mpls. I have always thought a lot of your music and was very disappointed when you broke up because of what I thought you would have accomplished had you stayed together. After 30 years, I was a little apprehensive of what I would hear. You blew not only me, but the whole city of Minneapolis away.

Kenny Loggins still has a great voice and Jim Messina is a precise virtuoso on the strings. The blend is unique and one of the
best sounds ever in rock. You not only were able to duplicate what you recorded all those years ago, you responded to the audience by playing for 3 hours and then staying on stage to sign autographs. I hope there is a new album in the works. Thanks for a great nite! - AC

Target Center - Minneapolis, MN


I've seen Kenny Loggins before and he's awesome. I'd never seen Jim Messina, only enjoyed his playing and voice on recordings with Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and as L&M. His playing is absolutely stellar (and that doesn't take anything away from Loggins either). I don't think I've ever heard a strat sound so cool! In fact, the whole band was incredible (and stealing Stevie D. from CPR ... nice coup guys!!).

It's so refreshing to hear harmony vocals, harmony guitars (both electric and acoustic), and a tapestry of instruments woven together into the whole of so many timeless songs... it's something you just don't hear in the majority of the
contemporary rock and roll airplay markets.

And having Richie Furay "sit in" was wonderful. I remember seeing CSNY on their millenium tour and thinking about the history of those musicians as Stills and Young played off each other, trading licks and leads; I felt and thought similarly when "Loggins & Messina/Poco/Buffalo Springfield" blended last evening.

"House at Pooh Corner" brought tears to my eyes. My son, now 18, was born with Down Syndrome, and he grew up listening to Loggins & Messina and Poco and watching Loggins' Grand Canyon and Redwoods videos over and over. There is something in those songs that touched him and brought forth a cognition and sense of musical wonder to which I cannot thank Mr. Loggins (and Mr. Messina) enough. Hansel's love of music is rooted in Loggins & Messina. And... he was with us at the concert. To see his face light up, to see him smile at the recognition of so many songs and sing along... well... it lights my heart. So, from one appreciate father...THANKS SO MUCH! - JK

Oh, WOW! My sister treated me, my neice and one of our best friends to the concert in Mpls for my birthday last night and we probably could not have enjoyed anything
more! We cried and laughed and danced and sang the night away along with the rest of the folks our age in the Target Center. What an incredible sound Kenny and Jimmy still have! If anything, it's better than in the "old days" when we saw them in Austin and Houston, Tx. They seem to really be enjoying themselves on stage and I swear, their sound has improved with age. The years have been good to these guys!

The group of musicians they have assembled is incredible as well and including Richie Furay was such a surprise and treat! Just thinking of the old Poco and Buffalo Springfield days brought big, reminiscent smiles. Our group ranged in ages from 22 to 51 and each of us loved the evening, equally. Thank you, thank you for reuniting and including all of us in the party! - Laurie H.

I have been listening to Loggins and Messina for years, and have all of their albums but lately these have gotten a little and have been not on my play list. After last Saturday's Loggins and Messina concert I will be getting them all out to be replayed again. I was greatly surprised and elated that they played everything I wanted to hear and some I did not expect and enjoyed even more.

The entire evening was great from the vocals, the songs selected and the musicianship. I have seen Kenny Loggins in concert at least 10 times and have never been disappointed, but this was special because with Jim Messina they went all the way back to the beginning. This concert lasted nearly 3 hours and they seamed to have as much at the end of it as they did in the beginning as did everyone in attendance. It was magic all the way through, Thanks Kenny and Jim! - Rita K.

Seeing Loggins and Messina live, for me, was sort of like getting to see the Beatles, in that you grow up listening to this great music that becomes part of your life, your memories, your childhood, with no hope of ever seeing the artist live.

I got to travel back in time on September 17. My Mom and Dad, who wore out Sittin' In when I was a toddler, took my wife and me to the show for my 36th birthday. What a crazy experience. As I tell my young sons, they don't make music like this anymore.

My wife and I swayed to Danny's Song during our first dance the night we married in 1993. I just want to say thanks, on behalf of all of us younger fans. Thanks to L and M for coming back. - Christopher