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Horseshoe Casino - Tunica, MS

I have to admit. I didn't know too many Loggins and Messina's tunes beyond "Danny's Song" and "Your Momma Don't Dance." My husband however is a huge fan. So I thought "What the heck," I'd go to the concert with him. A 4 hour drive, spend the night in Tunica, eat a good buffet and hit the slots.

After the first song, I am now a total Loggins and Messina fan. I loved their soul touching music. The heart that they put into every song. The musicianship on the stage was amazing, (especially the alto sax player who seemed to enjoy every moment).

I hope they tour for a while because I would definitely like to go see another show. Plan on listening to a few more albums also. They were awesome! I can't say enough. It was the highlight of the week including the buffet! Great job guys!!! - Mary Kae

Great to see Kenny and Jim back together and hear all the songs that I loved so much. I caught myself singing along so many times and was amazed that I knew so many of the lyrics. The talents of these two and the great band had the people in the audience spellbound and in awe of
how great the music was that came from Loggins and Messina.
- Clyde H

My friend & I made an eight hr drive to see the Tunica, Ms. show. It was the first time my friend had ever been to a L&M concert. I, on the other hand, saw them every time they came to Texas back in the 70's. We thoroughly enjoyed the Tunica show. The band members were excellent. Kenny & Jimmy were wonderful. Sounded as good - or if possible - better than they did 30 yrs. ago. Jimmy's guitar playing is amazing. Kenny's energy level & vocals are great.

I'll be heading to the Dallas show 9/1 & CANNOT WAIT. My only dissappointment was the show was not as long as I had read the others were. Also we did not have the film show of earlier days that the other venues had. But I felt like I got my monies worth because I enjoyed it from the second
they stepped on the stage till they walked off after the encore. - Patty

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino - Biloxi, MS

I was hoping the Biloxi show would be the full show, but it was not. We got a wonderful 90 minutes of the boys though.

As most of you, I was ever so looking forward to this concert. It has been a long 30 years hoping they would get back together. The band sounded great and seemed very tight. I loved all the stage backdrops. It was a mixed crowd with maybe 60% being L&M fans. I am glad I got to see the show as this was the closest they were coming to where I live, but for $75 I feel I was cheated by the casino. I hope there will be a next year. - John

This was our first time at Beau Rivage. Our only disappointment was that the casino seemed to have done a poor job promoting this show. It was sad to see empty seats.

The band was great! I felt like I was in a time warp hearing the old songs. I'm really glad that they opted to ROCK instead of playing all of the ballads. PLEASE come back ...
- Tom

Loggins and Messina were one of my favorite bands in the mid-70's and I was so disappointed when they broke up. Getting tickets to this reunion tour was one of the highlights of my summer.

Kenny & Jim's voices were absolutely magical, stronger than back in the old days which is more than you can say for many artists. Their harmonies were perfection and I could close my eyes and think it was the album I was
listening to.

Their band was top notch even though most of them were not even born when the songs were written and recorded the first time.

My only disappointment was the show was entirely too short. They only played for 1 hour 40 minutes which included one encore "Angry Eyes." I had such high expections for a 2-3 hour show based on the reviews on this website. I felt cheated that we did not get the full show and especially missed "Danny's Song." I don't know if it was the Beau Rivage's time limitations or Jim/Kenny's decision, but it should have been a longer show.

But it was still one of the best concerts that I've ever attended and I hope they come to Louisiana next summer - and play longer!! - Vicki

I used to be a sax player with plans. Always wanted to be in a band where some great music was performed, as well as some spotlights on the horn guys. L&M seemed to fit that vision in the '70's and I've been hooked by their sound ever since. Oh sure, I bought the CD's when they were released but, never gave it any thought of L&M reuniting.

Flash to 2005, the tickets were had and I, now in my late 40's and long had given up on the musical chase, took my wife to see one of "my bands" with little expectations of a quality show. Other bands have come through and
played their hits, without excitement or emotion, so really, what's there to get excited about.

Well, some three weeks after the concert, I'm still buzzing. I haven't been to a show with so much quality music being performed in the last 15 years. I've nearly worn out my vinyl recordings of these guys. I know their stuff and can honestly say, they are better today then they were in their heyday. L&M and band is more precise, and yet easy flowing. Jimmy's great vocals are better than ever and Kenny continues to be one of the most distinctive voices around. And of course my heart was touched when Kenny told us that the tour is dedicated to Jon Clarke, one of the original horn players, who passed away in June.

Excitement, maturity, happiness & sadness all in one night. Does it get any better than that...not for me. Thanks for coming through and giving us a piece of something old driven with a newer beat. I hope you're recording some of these live events. It would be a shame to not preserve some of this for the folks who couldn't make it. Sittin' In Again...I'm glad I pulled up a chair!! - Dana Swanson