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Soaring Eagle Casino

Jimmy, Kenny and the band were incredibly tight. Friends I brought to
the show who were only occasional listeners were absolutely blown away
by the performance. Be Free sounded like it did that first day in the studio-perfect. Kenny absolutely nailed the soulful vocals on Peace of Mind. Same Old Wine came out of nowhere and was the hilite of the show
for me. We're planning to see them in Milwaukee because it was that good. - Sean Malloy



Mt. Pleasant - Soaring Eagle Casino

Well, 30 days ago I appeared but, unfortunately, due to stage cover complications the show did not happen. When asked if I wanted my money back I stated, "I waited 30
years to see them I can wait another 30 days." Am I glad I did!

Unfortunately, the show was not sold out. Or due to the change in dates or the fact it was Labor Day weekend led to the less than capacity crowd. This did not appear to
affect the performance of Kenny, Jim or the rest of the band. If it did - it didn't show.

Those of us who did show for the performance were not disappointed. I have seen these guys 10 times previous to tonight's performance and every time I am delighted.
All other times I went with friends tonight, I was with my son. From the opening number to the end of the second encore we were both "pickin' up the pieces" of what
was and what could have been.

I was really impressed as my son leaned towards me during the performance of "Same old Wine" and stated- "As relevant as this was to you in the 70's, it is, if not even more, relevant to us today."

They are definitely "Alive and Kickin." I hope they make new music together and I can share in it. It would definitely keep me alive and kickin...

Thank you guys for all the joy over the years! - Brick

The 30 year, and 30 day, wait was well worth it. After reading all the reviews, I had high expectations for this "reunion" concert, and I'm pleased to say the reviews from previous shows were right on - this was the concert of a lifetime. The show was outstanding, tremendous, awesome, spellbinding.

The talents of both Kenny and Jimmy were showcased very evenly. And the band -- fantastic musicians! They played like they had been together forever. Between Jimmy's exceptional mandolin on Be Free and Kenny's superb vocals on Peace of Mind, well, let's say it will be a while before I come down to earth. The audience wasn't as 'rockin' as I had hoped, but by the end of the show, everyone was on their feet dancing and begging for more. When is the next tour? - Tammy