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Nokia Theater

I have become very selective in my advancing age as to which concerts I
will lay down cash for. It was very easy to make the decision to purchase tickets to the Loggins and Messina show in Dallas. You see, my wife of 26 years reminded me, that one of the two best concerts she ever
attended was, (30 years ago, of course) Loggins and Messina.

What a thrill it was to see the same energy, vocal quality, and professionalism that we had both witness, albeit separately, some 30 years ago. The songs were not rushed, there was a true sense of 'having a real good time,' and the show was complete. Even a referenced song
from POCO was a delight.

I could nit-pick about some of the technical glitches and all, but honestly, 2 1/2 hours of pure L&M was more than
expected. Bottom line, real talent, great vocals, and sincere effort are timeless.
Thanks for making us feel young again. - Scott

AWESOME show! Just aren't enough adjectives to describe it! Everything
about it was fabulous! Hope they'll tour together again -- soon! - Mary Ann

Tears came to my eyes on the opening licks of "Watching the River Run." I couldn't belive my good fortune at seeing these two back together. I never thought it would happen. They were better than ever, from their voices to their guitar playing. They were true to their beginnings in every way. Thank you for coming back. - John N

I saw Jim and Kenny in Dallas, and it was one of the best shows I have seen in years. There are certain people who ae meant to sing together, and I myself think these two were meant for each other.

They played all the songs that made them who they are and to me that is one of the best singer/songwriter duos in the business. You know it's been near 30 years since they toured and it's like they never missed a beat! I would personally like to thank them for a musical journey that has come full circle. It was like stepping back into the 70s all over again. Thanks for the chance to see what it was all about. - A fan forever - Dennis

My husband and I traveled from Houston to Dallas just to catch the concert. How on
earth the 4th largest city in the US was missed on this tour is beyond me, but
luckily Dallas is just a short 4 hour drive away.

I've been a L&M fan since my high school days in Hawaii and seeing them 30 years
later is like a dream come true. My husband is 3 years younger than I and wasn't too familiar with their music, but he accompanied me and was wowed by their performance. Believe me, he was dreading this concert because this just isn't his type of music, but the 3rd row seats and the incredible L&M band sold him. He told people that he enjoyed the concert and was surprised at how much he liked it!

I was amazed at how great Jim and Kenny sounded together. It was simply as if they
never had a 30-year hiatus. And the band just fit right in as if the music was just
second nature. I hope they continue to tour and come visit us in Houston the next
time! I'll be there again!

Kenny & Jim -- Thanks for allowing us to remember the days when we were younger and the world was so very different than today. - Irene

Many years ago I saw Loggins & Messina play acoustic guitars in a large room in the University of Houston SUB. There were maybe 50-75 people there, all sitting on the floor. We were not surprised to follow these two musicians into a stardom. Last week I was taken back 30 years to hear the same catching, magical songs that are timeless. Kenny and Jim performed with
the same intensity and adoration of their audience. I loved every minute. - Sandy

Nokia Theater - Grand Prairie, TX

I'm still aglow with the wonderful feelings and memories of last nights Loggins and Messina show. Words really can't describe what transpired from these two legendary
performers and the world class musicians in their band.

The first concert I ever attended was L&M in 1972 setting a very high standard to judge all concerts by since then, and I've seen more than my share. These guys surpassed their own mark last night. I've waited decades to see these two grace the stage together with their presence again and they were worth the wait. The song list was thoughtfully chosen and extensive, yet there are still some fabulous songs they could not get to. Their voices are still top notch and hearing these two harmonize again make the heavens
take notice. You guys have helped define my love for music as well as being a wonderful narrative and refuge in a period of my life. Please make sure not too much time passes before you two are "Sittin' In Again".. My heartfelt thanks for all you've given to us over the years. - Tracy B

For the past twenty some odd years I've repeated the comment "I wish I would have seen Loggins and Messina together before they parted." Wow, was it ever worth the
Third row center for one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

While some of the earlier reviews have mentioned wanting to hear more from Kenny's solo career, I received what I went for and wanted to receive in this great reunion. Jim is magical on the guitar. He can bend the notes with the very best guitarists in the world. The band, made up of young musicians, was on top of their game. If an instrument has a reed or wind can pass through it, these guys can play it. Kenny's voice is unmatched! I rarely like hearing the audience sing, but in the last few minutes of "Peace Of Mind" the audience and Kenny meshed together in a harmony from the heavens. What a voice! What a voice! There was no lip syncing last night. It was everything my wife and I had hoped for, and much much more. Thanks for the journey. - Roy Pemberton

My husband and I attended the Loggins and Messina show at Nokia Live in Grand Prairie, TX, September 1 one of the best shows we've seen in a while. I didn't know what to expect going in ... I had not read up on the tour ... but it rocked.

I'm amazed at how much energy Kenny Loggins brings to a show, and how much talent. His voice is unique, and it is so obvious that he puts everything he has into every single song he sings or plays. The harmonies with Messina were also exceptional. They both rock. Jim just rocks a little quieter. They got connected with the audience from the first moments of the show and kept them amazed throughout. These two guys talk to each other and to the audience throughout the show so you feel as if you're involved in the show not just being entertained.

The band touring with the show also had some amazingly talented and soulful performers. And, the great thing was they were giving 100%, too, and each of them got some important solo time on stage.

The last time we had seen Kenny perform was the Leap of Faith songs. (Celebrate Me Home is still one of my favorites.) And this show was quite different from that one.

I may have been prepared for another quiet evening of music, but I got a whole lot more ... more than 3 solid hours of touch the heart, stir the soul, rock as long as you can music. By the end of the evening hundreds of fans were dancing in front of the stage and from seats throughout the theatre. - Grand Prairie, TX Fan

Our group of 8 friends including my brother and his wife went to last night's show in Grand Prairie, TX and I sound like Barry White this morning after all the singing along and shouting! What an incredible concert.

I grew up in Jr. High School listening to these guys, my band covers some of their songs and it was dream come true to see L&M together on stage. I have both of their live albums from the 70's and this new band really kept faithful to the tunes and solos, while adding their own flavor throughout the show.

The new sax player, Rick, was just amazing - last night was his first night with the band. Kenny and Jim were loose and comfortable with each other and with the crowd, and led all of us on a journey of their material for about 3 hours. In the middle of the "Sittin' In" part of the show in the 2nd set, they had a loose jam that included several
standard tunes from the 50's - Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On, etc. My personal favorites were Sailin the Wind, Be Free and Same Old Wine.

The sound was amazing, with the bass / kick combo shaking my pants leg - Jim's leads were so tasty and sweet - I just wish they were louder, they sometimes got lost in the mix. Overall, this show was everything I hoped it would be, and I'm so glad I got to share it with family and friends. I recommend to anyone to make sure you catch these guys live - they overdeliver on quality and showcase the excellent songwriting and musicianship that is so lacking in most of today's "pop stars". Thanks, guys - come back soon! - Rick McTague

Saw the guys "sittin' in" last night at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prarie, Texas & the only thing different was shorter hair, their sound was the same great music. Thanks for a great evening! - Roger & Sharon S