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Northerly Island - Chicago, IL

I am still smiling, 5 days later, sitting in my office in Florida after a very special trip to my hometown of Chicago to see the reunion I've been waiting almost 30 years for my favorite band from the 70's, Loggins & Messina. It was worth the trip.

From the opening song of "Watching the River Run" to the 2nd encore, "Danny's Song", the crowd held our collective breaths to hear each and every word and note. All the previous reviews were right on - Kenny & Jimmy still have it. They were outstanding and the fun they were having onstage overflowed into the audience. Still the perennial performers they were so long ago. Thanks for the memories, old and new. And thanks for booking Melbourne (FL) - I'll see you again next month! - Becky M

What a great privilege to have witnessed this incredible reunion. My husband and I have been attending concerts for 30 years and THIS show was the best!! Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina played their magic and together with the phenomenal band they had assembled, created a musical experience that we will not forget. THANK YOU!!! - Kathleen

Unbelievable concert. I expected Kenny Loggins' voice to not be what it was 30 years ago....wrong. It was every bit as strong and covered the ranges. Jim Messina's picking was excellent. The song selection covered all their great albums. The only drawback was that the concert had to end. Almost three hours wasn't enough. All in all, if you have tickets, it's the best concert of the Summer. If you don't have tickets, go get some. - Bert Olson

Kenny and Jim were INCREDIBLE!! They along with their band showed how very talented they are with every song they performed. The crowd was their's from the very start. Their music is timeless and for how great their songs were back 30 years ago, have gotten better with age, if that is at all possible. It was great to see Kenny and Jim having such fun - their energy was contageous. They were on fire and we loved every minute of it. Keep the music coming Kenny & Jim!! - Rose Acciari

Here are two guys that could have easily just gone through the motions tonight as another "greatest hits machine playing to pay the bills." Instead, we saw Loggins and Messina perform as well or better than ever, showing true passion and seasoned
musicianship, rocking and jamming, breathing new life into so many wonderful songs with a first rate back-up group.

Loggins & Messina, as part of the family tree that includes Buffalo Springfield, Poco, CS&N, etc., pioneered and laid a foundation for country rock. But today's Nashvillle "crossovers" pale in comparison. Do yourself a big, big favor and go see the guys who had it all as singers / songwriters / instrumentalists / performers. The music scene today is longing for true talent, real musicians, for tunes we can sing and dance to that will be remembered and re-lived many years later. It's all here. - Gary

We saw Loggins & Messina about 30 years ago in a gym at an Indianapolis, IN
school! The band before them was Hall & Oates. 30 years later... what could be better? A beautiful night on the Chicago
lakefront, seats so close we could see them enjoying the audience's reaction to
their performance, dancing in the aisle, being mesmerized by the dreamy songs
we didn't expect them to play, the young ushers looking at their watches because it's been a 3 hour concert! Thank you so much for being a part of our lives for 30 years and making our date a night to remember! - Dan & Candy Absher

What an amazing concert! Kenny and Jim sounded absolutely incredible. Their voices, the guitar playing and the music, have certainly stood the test of time. Thanks so much for a wonderful show. I hope this won't be the last time we see you two together! - Rick

My boyfriend Mike saw Loggins & Messina over 30 years ago and heard they were reuniting again and coming to Chicago. I was familiar with a few of their earlier tunes but last night was fantastic, their band was great too. Hope you all continue to make music together. - Joanne

I've waited for this concert a very long time -- it was absolutely fantastic. To be on the lake front, 8 rows away from Ken & Jim, beautiful fireworks during their break; it felt like I was on a date with them. WOW!

I followed them for years and continued with Kenny. I even had a chance to be in Maui when Kenny was there in Lahina -- talk about heaven. Every time Kenny has been in the area I've been there! Come on back you guys, I'll be fantastic advertisement for you ;-) - Carol

Chicago, IL - Northerly Island

The sky was cloudy and lightning was in the air over Lake Michigan, but not a drop of rain ever fell from the time Jim
Messina, Kenny Loggins, and their six fine band mates took the stage at 8:00 until they left around 11:00. This venue is in a great setting with the city skyline within easy view.

This is a cliche, of course, but Loggins and Messina have aged like a fine wine. I saw them on tour around 30 years ago with the Bellamy Brothers opening when they were in their glory days. I can't imagine how they could have sounded any better then than what I heard last night. The songs have stood the test of time. Both are still in great voice. Both can still play the hell out of a guitar especially Jim pickin' out leads with his thumb. The band they have gathered for this tour is different, a pretty young bunch, but certainly talented and up to the task of backing the
two stars. Loggins and Messina's music has always been
a mixed bag of folk, country, blues, rock, and even jazzy, too, and that all still comes through with this band they have assembled. I was extremely impressed with the performance and that they appeared to be having a blast doing it.

There was no opening act so the band played for an hour before taking a 20-30 minute break as fireworks were lit off at Soldier Field (The Bears were having some kind of meet the players night.). This was a nice bonus to a fun night already in progress. I think they came back on around 9:30 and did at least another 90 minutes. I couldn't find a set list on the internet, but after reviewing the band's discography I am fairly certain they played all of their first release Sittin' In plus Whiskey, Your Mama Don't Dance, Long Tail Cat, Holiday Hotel, Angry Eyes, Sailin' The Wind, Watching The River Run, My Music, and others from the later recordings. Also included were Messina's early Poco classic You Better Think Twice and a Richie Furay penned Buffalo Springfield tune Kind Woman that Jim sang lead on, too. I remember Kenny singing a song
that he said he wrote a year and half ago that was dedicated to the band, but I can't recall the name.

On my last beverage run, I got the idea to check if there were any seats open closer to the stage. I was able to walk up to the front and side and stand without being asked to leave. I had a great view of Jim and Kenny. After a few songs, the ushers let us walk right into the open area in front of the stage and seating there. So we got to watch the
last few songs from that view which was awesome!

My final thought on this show... go see these guys if you get a chance. I know they still have quite a few dates left on this tour. - Pat

Wow; completely blown away; do not miss this tour. It was my first time at the Northerly Island outdoor venue on Lake Michigan, formally Meigs Field; much better than the last time I saw them at Washington Park Race Tack on the south side - circa 1977??

Almost three hours of all L&M, with people dancing in the aisle's and in front of the stage for most of the evening, provided an atmosphere you recognize as being a rare
moment. It was an absolute blast!

A gorgeous night it was set for a Full Sail of an evening. Ken and Jim looked great for fifty something and they can still play and jam. It was good to hear the sax, flute, and violin again in the Kenny tunes. Kenny's velvet voice, Jim's unmistakable guitar licks, and the bands tight harmonies were present the entire evening. The band was tremendous; where do they find these incredible musicians?

Afterwards you had to reflect on what could have been. It's unfortunate for the entire music industry they only recorded together for a few years; but the political climate being what it is in our country; their music - not just rock-n-roll music, music! - and lyrics is fresh today as it was back when they first recorded. We can only hope they can get back in the studio and see them on tour again with some anticipated new lyrics and pick'n from the band.

With much anticipation I plan on seeing them again September 19th in Milwaukee, WI. Maybe they will add a little Native Son to the performance; but no matter what they decide to perform it will be worth it to witness the tour one more time; it is an incredible event. - Cliff Pazik

For the first (and probably only) time in my life, I had tickets front row center - and I was not disappointed! The show was a rousing success; I couldn't have asked for a better performance, from the vocals, the backing musicians, the sound quality, and most importantly, the energy emanating from the stage!

Kenny and Jim seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Even the set list was incredible -almost 3 hours of classic
after classic, including a Poco and a Buffalo Springfield song. I don't think any of the fans could have picked a better group of songs to perform. Songs like "Whiskey", "Long Tail Cat", and "Sailin the Wind", plus almost the entire "Sittin In" album!! As final proof, my wife had never really listened to L & M, and didn't know much about them. But since the show, she has commandeered all my L & M CDs, and I don't think I'll be getting them back anytime soon! Thanks again to everyone for a fantastic experience!! - Bill

It's more than a week later and my friends and I still get goose bumps thinking about our favorite moments during the concert. Kenny, Jim and their fantastic band played every song with passion and energy like it was brand new
and not nearly 30 plus years old. Song like "Same Old Wine" rang true today just as much as it did in the 70's. Kenny reaffirmed himself to me as one of the best rock / pop vocalists that has ever lived. Jim's own underrated vocals
and exquisite guitar playing anchored a truly great band of musicians. A setting sun over the skyline of Chicago, the breezes of Lake Michigan and the beautiful sounds of "Sailing the Wind" coming over us is a moment in time I'll
never forget. Rock On Brothers, Rock On! - Ralph L. Gross

Loggins and Messina together again? I had seen the ad for the new Northerly Island theatre on Lake Michigan a few months back and told my wife that we had to go! I had been a fan from the 70's and had of all their CD's, including an old cassette of their "On Stage" live album.

In 1997 I had seen Kenny Loggins live, about the time of his "Unimaginable Life" book and CD. While I enjoyed that concert, the reunion concert my wife saw couldn't have been better.

Kenny and Jim were clearly at the top of their game. Their singing, both alone AND together was fantastic. The surprise for me was the incredible musianship from the L&M, and a really terrific band. Acoustic and Electric music was played!

I was also pleased that, with the exception of one new song, they stayed in the Loggins & Messina era. Those songs are true nuggets of gold, and they played and sang them with conviction and a real sense of fun! I heard almost everything I wanted to hear and wanted more. I hope the boys will record some new material and that at least one of the shows is released on DVD soon.

Here's to one of the best concerts I have ever experienced! - Clay Farnsworth

When Loggins and Messina stepped out on stage, my heart definitely skipped a beat. This was a reunion that I thought I would never see and while my expections were
high, I never expected them to sound as great as they did 30 years ago. They were absolutely incredible with those wonderful voices meshing the way I always remembered. These guys were like the Beatles to me and they were just as amazing as they were back when I was a teenager. Near the end of the first set, security was starting to let people go in front of the stage to take pictures. Since I was in the 12th row, I got down there pretty quickly just as Kenny started to sing "Peace of Mind" (one of my all time favorites). Kenny was standing at the edge of the stage and I was literally standing right under him as he belted out this great song. It was one of the most "wow" moments I've ever had. I could not believe where I was standing. I stayed there for the last song of the set, "Your Mama Don't Dance."
During the second set, I was able to go down in front of the stage again for all four encore songs. What an experience! Thank you Jimmy and Kenny for making me feel like a teenager again. (I am currently planning to fly to Columbus for the concert in September.) - Beth Marder