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Somehow in the '70's I missed seeing Loggins and Messina live. I vowed I would make up for it.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed what I saw on Monday night. It was probably the best concert, in the best venue I have seen in all my concert going years (more than I care to admit here!).

Not only do Kenny and Jim still have it - their band is fantastic. I was in awe of the talent they possess. My husband and I did not speak all the way home, it would have ruined the lingering aura we felt!

I'm sorry for my friends who decided not to go and said "it's a Monday night ..." They will never witness the magic. - Margo

Potawatomi Casino - Milwaukee, WI

As someone on an earlier post stated, WOW!!! What an evening we just had with Kenny and Jimmy here in Milwaukee. What a kick ass band. Kenny's vocals were to die for. Jimmy's guitar work, impecable. He IS a master. We danced with them and we sang with them. But, we only had them selfishly for 1 hr 40 minutes! Yes, a fabulous time was had by all it just wasn't enough. Other venues logged in 3 hours worth of L&M. In this, I am very disappointed.

But my boys couldn't have performed any better than they did tonight. I must say they rocked the house. I brought my first born as my guest tonight. He was a year old when, at the time, his father and I first saw L&M at the Cowtown Ballroom in Kansas City, Mo back in 1973. I wanted him to understand what I saw and heard in this band. Why I loved them so much but also why they were so important in my survival after his father and I divorced. Their song lyrics are in themselves very touching and inspiring. He grew up listening to me play my Loggins and Messina albums (yes those big black things). Remember those days of the 33 &

Anyway, I'm proud to say, my son "gets" it and I couldn't be
happier. Together we say, ROCK ON L&M. Rock on. We both loved the concert tonight but have one last request. Kenny? Could you "play that bear song" one more time. - Kathy & Eric A

I wasn't even born the last time Loggins & Messina toured, but my mom and I went to the concert in Milwaukee on September 19th, and what a show! The intimate venue of the Northern Lights theater made the experience that much greater, and my mom says they are just as good as
they were 30 years ago! Great music and tons of energy made it the best concert I have ever been to! It was great to be able to share that experience with my mom, and to know that we have memories she, until this concert, shared only with her best friend. Thanks a bunch! - Kira