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Qwest Center - Omaha, NE

There I was on the main floor at the Qwest Center in Omaha, warm tears flowing to "Watching the River Run" and flooded with memories of the first time I saw Loggins
and Messina at 14 giddy with eager anticipation in the upper seats at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento. It was just as good - no better - because the entire performance felt more like a richly woven tapestry than a snapshot in time.

Back then, we knew you'd be back for the next show, and this time we knew it was a special event. Like all good reunions, it was richly nostalgic, sweet, and fun and
I didn't want to go home. Throughout the night, I was reminded of how much the artistic talent, passion and language of L&M has shaped me, and how much I had
longed for just one more concert. Thank you for opening the door for more of the two of you and for giving three energetic hours before saying goodbye. What a special
evening. - Laura

I took my wife and son to the L & M concert in Omaha last night and what an experience! I last saw the group 33 years ago in Seattle, Washington while attending the University of Washington. After bragging up what an incredible concert that was to my wife and son, i was a bit nervous about what we would find in Omaha. I need not have worried! It was three solid hours of pure entertainment. Neither Kenny nor Jim have lost any of the magic and they put on a show that showcases each of their incredible talents. Most importantly, the concert was a thowback to a time when true muscianship provided a thrilling musical experience! I don't know if this will ever happen again but I am glad I was able to see and share this group's gift one more time! - Greg O'Connor