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Casino Rama - Ontario, Canada

Just saw the only Canadian show tonight at Casino Rama. One word, Wow! Ok two words, Total Perfection! Well ok three words, Incredible Backup Band! All right four words, Loggins and Messina Rock!

After 30 years apart, they sounded better then ever! it was a incredible concert. The song list was the best. Let's just say it gave everyone there, Peace of Mind! Thanks Guys! - Mark K

What a show!!! Highlights: Kenny taking the audience to church with a totally soulful vocal Coda on "Peace of Mind", the enchanting instrumental section of "Be Free" featuring Jimmy trading licks with the fiddle and the goose-bump-inducing rendition of "House At Pooh Corner." 30 years of Pooh indeed!!! - Dave

What can I say but AWESOME !! Saturday night's performance at Casino Rama was
heaven for me. Since their inception, Loggins & Messina have been my all-time
favourites. This experience was worth waiting 30 years for. Their harmony was as amazing as ever, and the band was excellent and entertaining. I was almost brought to tears more than once during the show by the sheer joy of seeing and hearing Kenny and Jim together again and the sweet pure sounds they create ... and Peace of Mind truly blew me away!

I was thrilled to read (in the CD pamphlet) that Loggins & Messina may be producing
more music together in the near future. I am anxiously waiting to hear what magic
they will create together next. I hope I don't have to wait another 30 years to attend another Loggins & Messina concert. - Carol Ann

Casino Rama - Toronto, Ontario

What can I say other than my husband and I were blown away by this fantastic show. The guitar playing and their voices were incredible. The backup band was nothing other than outstanding to say the least. I wish they were coming back to the Toronto area ... we would definitely go to see them again. - Kathy & Joe

...just hot home from seeing the lads at Casino Rama, near Toronto, Ontario...who knew that guys so far past 30 could still rip it up so powerfully, with perfect harmonies and virtuoso guitar work. The back up band was fantastic as well..all in all a very tight, powerful, emotional evening..i was thrilled to be there to witness it. - Kurt Nielsen

Very well produced concert! At the beginning of the show when there were only two microphones and Loggins and Messina on stage, I thought we've been had again. A
minute later, the curtain opened and behind the duo was an excellent back-up band made up of very experienced and professional musicians. It is a concert meant for serious fans of Loggins and Messina and the more sophisticated followers of rock-jazz music. Despite not hearing my favourite "A Love Song", it was a truly unforgettable night. These guys are real artists. - Teresa Lagman

The pair was in great form! Music can bring people together and back together -- halleluja!

A funny thing happened ---- while on board the "shuttle" to the casino for the performance (along with some casual gamblers who had absolutely no idea what we were on about), on steps a couple (together 30 years with a pile of Loggins and Messina memories) filled with fun and anticipation for the upcoming show. Their story of forgotten tickets and an accomodating staff at the casino who set things right set them up for an evening of fun. These two were psyched!! Call it what you will -- but those two massive fans and this fan ended up sitting right beside each other at the concert. We might have been somewhat of a pain to the row behind us -- but we had a blast! Love to Don & Rose in Niagara Falls from Lea in Vermont. - Lea