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Santa Barbara Bowl - CA

OUTSTANDING!!! I saw the show in Santa Barbara on July 9th and I really enjoyed it! Even my guests who never heard of Loggins and Messina relayed their
satisfaction and enjoyment with the concert. In fact, everyone in the audience
seemed to have a great time! After the mid-point of the concert, I don't think there was any person who wasn't tapping their feet or clapping their hands to the rhythm or beat of the music anyway.

After being a long time Kenny Loggins fan, I was interested to see "Loggins & Messina" live. I wanted to see them live because their lyics were always meaningful and the musicians were always great! And I was really impressed with the musicians in this show including, Jimmy Messina. Jimmy's work with the mandolin was really special. Although Kenny was relatively low-key during the show... he
couldn't contain his showmanship or vocals when he sang the song "Peace of
Mind". WOW! And I forgot to mention Kenny's great harmonica work!!! WOW! That was just awesome. Maybe he'll incorporate some harmonica play in his next solo concert.

It is so difficult to believe that he is in his 50's because his voice just keeps getting better and better. And that's fortunate for so many people because we will still be able to hear him sing more great tunes in the future.

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening!!! - Joseph Michaels

Everyone is right!!
There was a something swirling in the air on July the 9th at the SB Bowl! I had never seen Loggins and Messina play together.
There was such a feeling of respect and admiration for each other between them- it was palpable. "Keep Me in Mind" was just beautiful. I went to hear that song alone! They did not disappoint me. I looked around at one point and thought to myself that it was one huge party. Everyone was in love with them. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. I want to see them again... Raquel

Santa Barbara Bowl

Unbelieveable! I have never felt such Magic!! I saw Kenny and Jimmy this week-end at the Santa Barbar Bowl this week-end, and had the experience of a lifetime! I first saw L&M at the Universal Amphitheatre when the theatre was "open air", and many,many times to follow.

But, being a part of their reunion, is just beyond words! The chemistry and the magic L&M have between them is truly electrifying! Each song played truly touched my heart and soul! I do have to say when "Be Free" was performed that brought me to another level!
Unbeleiveable!! .... from acoustics to lyrics ... the entire stage and each member on it shared such power to the audience!!! I'm sure we all hope this reunion lasts for another 30 years!!! I can't even imagine what Kenny and Jimmy could have in store for us!! THANK YOU BOTH FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER EVENING!!!! :) - Sheri Goldin

Although a good thirty years clouds my recollection of seeing L & M at the SB Bowl (at least twice) in the 70's, Saturday night's concert not only lived up to those fond memories, it BLEW them out of the water! Now I'm trying to figure out how I can see the show again - it was that good. If the success of this tour doesn't send these guys back to the studio for more collaboration, I don't know what will. Santa Barbara thanks L & M for gracing the us with their presence. Now they need to hurry and get this tour over so they can get back to the studio and get to work. - BC

P.S. It was great seeing John Mooy (guitar tech) on stage. We used to spend the night in line for tickets to see L & M at the SB Bowl. Time flies . . .

July 9 was a happy day in my life as I was able to see one of my favorite duos perform in person. Let me tell you they sounded as good as the first time I saw them in 1972. The band was so tight that there were times I thought I was listening to a CD. It was so awesome when Jim Messina sang
the old Buffalo Springfield hit Kind Woman. Richie Furary would have been proud. I sang, clapped, and danced along to every song with a huge smile on my face. Hearing Same Old Wine, Be Free, Danny's Song, House at Pooh Corner
brought back so many happy memories. Thank you guys for a wonderful concert! You should have reunited years ago. I can't wait to see you again. - Jannette Ginn