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South Dakota State Fair - Huron, SD

You often wonder how bands can play the same music for 30years? It is easy, they
love what they do!

This was quite evident at the South Dakota State Fair. The crowd was less than what they would have wanted , but being the true professionals they went out and had a great time playing the music they love. I believe that if they were playing in their garage they would put forth the same great effort they did that night. I am looking forward to seeing them again in Omaha, and watching all the fun! - Greg

South Dakota State Fair

On September 4th those attending the South Dakota State Fair performance got a rare treat in this sparsely populated state.

All of the long- time fans in attendance knew what to expect from Jim and Kenny, and were certainly thrilled to get the opportunity to hear the concert here on the prairie, without having to travel to a main venue far away. All vocal and instrumental work by this extraordinary duo were artfully delivered with perfection and passion. The 6 band members, Steve D, Steve N, Gabe D, Shem, Jeff and Gabe W were all really excellent in their own right. The whole set and two encores flowed quite smoothly.

One interesting dynamic was to get the reactions of some of the young attendees who had no prior knowledge of Loggins and Messina. When told that most of the music they were hearing was written and originally performed long before they were born, they were truly taken aback. I had to laugh when hearing some of their reactions later on in the beer garden.

In closing, what a great memory made for those who came, and what a great loss to those who were asleep at the switch and missed this outstanding event. - Bush F.