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Harvey's Lake Tahoe

I’m happy to report that I saw L&M in Lake Tahoe this weekend and they were fabulous! The fiddle and sax players, and flutist were exceptional! Both Kenny and Jimmy supplied some incredible guitar work. I also enjoyed the reminiscent quality of the show. Hearing their voices blending took me strollin’ down memory lane…

I’ve attended nine KL concerts over the past seven years. I adore his songwriting, his vision, his music and most of all…his spirit. His concerts are intimate and the energy exchange between him and the audience is what drew me in. It's what made me a fan! - Shantara

Wow!! What a show! Those guys didn't miss a beat! It was like they were playing 30 years ago. Jimmy can still make that guitar sing and Kenny can still hit those notes perfectly! It was an evening very much anticipated by me and my husband. This was the highlight of our summer!

If you get a chance to see them, do it! It's your chance to see history in the making! The band is young but they played like they wrote the songs themselves. It was just like listening to the CD on the way to the concert! They started right off with a lot of the favorites we all remember, "Run River Run", "Pooh Corner", etc. Towards the end, these guys just whaled on "You Need a Man" and "Angry Eyes". We were so glad we got the opportunity to see these two extraordinary performers together again! Thanks Kenny and Jimmy for coming together and taking us down memory lane! - Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson

Great music. Played all of my favorite songs. The weather was perfect. Only complaint was that it was not loud enough. One of my all time favorite acts. I would not have missed this show for anything. Hope they come through again! - Joe Macfarlane


Harvey's Lake Tahoe - Stateline, NV

Loggins & Messina and their band blew me away. The venue was full, the evening was warm, and these guys were hot! L&M had a generous set list, packed full of album tracks that us die-hard fans have always loved. For the casual fans that are familiar with only the radio hits, I'm sure
that this show opened their eyes to another dimension of the amount of talent and musical depth that Loggins & Messina always had.

The vocals and musicianship were first-rate. Nothing was done half-assed. L&M hit the target with the exceptional musicians they chose for this band. True professionals. In addition, every one of them provided background vocals at some point. This was a tight band. They rocked, and they made it look effortless. The sound mix was impeccable,

One particular facet of the show was their ability to interact and involve the audience. When they performed "Trilogy (Lovin' Me, To Make A Woman Feel Wanted, Peace Of Mind)," Kenny Loggins took the microphone and finished out "Peace Of Mind" like a revival meeting. The place was
buzzing with high energy. At the beginning of the second set, film snippets of Loggins & Messina from the 70s were shown--a nice added touch.

The entire "Sittin' In" album was played, minus only one song (Rock 'n Roll Mood). What a pleasure to hear "Nobody But You," "Back To Georgia," "Listen To A Country Song," and "Same Old Wine" performed with such care and enthusiasm. I was pleasantly surprised to hear some tunes I didn't expect, such as "You Need A Man," "Sailin' The Wind," and "Keep Me In Mind," which was sung by Jim Messina. The classic mandolin/violin jam on "Be Free" was a show stopper. The show ended with about 7,000 people
singing "Danny's Song." It must have echoed across Lake Tahoe and I can only imagine how wonderful it must have sounded to people who were hearing it from a distance.

I was too young to see them back in the 70s, but I've been listening to their albums for 30 years and have been hoping for a reunion. This show meant a lot to me. Some folks have mentioned a trip down memory lane, but for me it was more like bringing things full circle. I don't
consider their music to be "old." These songs are timeless and would hold up if the albums were just released today.

Thank you, Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina for an exquisite show. You guys delivered the goods. Can't wait for the Berkeley show in September. - Mary Mack

What an amazing evening. As soon as the opening chords of "Watching The River Run" were played, we were instantly transported to all the wonderful memories the music reminds us of. Kenny and Jimmy set the mood and even from where we were sitting you could see how happy they were to play. The band is spectacular, and hearing the voices of L&M together again is something we'll never forget. But enough gushing, please, please, please tell us that there will be a live CD recording somewhere on this tour! We would love to be "Sittin' In Again" to all the music and energy of the night we saw you play in Tahoe. :-)
- Taryn Casaleggio

Loggins and Messina pleased their die hard fans with a show that truly displayed that the MUSIC is what matters. Playing deep album tracks, and featuring a killer band, L&M performed as though they never left.

Intricate musical passages featuring mandolin, fiddle, flute and sax performed with great dynamic nuances is the biggest thrill in listening to their catalog of songs. My only
disappointment was with the sound crew. A couple glaring spots of bass loop feedback and featured instruments that were not loud enough in the mix, most specifically Jim's guitar. Throughout the show Kenny was quite animated with the monitor crew as he never seemed to get the on-stage mix he desired. I was disappointed that none of the original band members were present, but the boys have assembled a tremendous band that played with great dexterity, in command of their instruments. The show began promptly @ 7:30 with a third of the crowd still
making their way attempting to get through way-too-few gates. - Mark Anderson