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Trump Taj Mahal - Atlantic City, NJ

I saw the Atlantic City show and am happy to report they were as tight and note perfect as they were 30 years ago when they recorded the live album at the Orpheum in Boston. Very impressed as was my 21 year old niece who saw
McCartney the night before and was still bowled over by L&M.. I am in the process of teaching her the guitar chords to Sittin in, as I get ready to go see them Saturday again, back home in Florida. Do NOT MISS These guys!! - Steve

This was the second of L&M's shows that I caught during this tour. Again, a terrific show. However, what I really want to do is thank both Kenny and Jim for their graciousness and patience after the show at the Meet and Greet.

Yup, I was fawning but, they took it well. Jim managed to answer a question I'd had in the back of my mind for 31 years about his old Telecaster and both he and Kenny
posed through several photos. Thanks guys, you made my year!! - John Kormos

I was reading in my local paper one day and seen that Loggins and Messina were having a reunion. I thought to myself it would really be nice to see them. My sister's friend won 2 tickets and she forfeited them so we could go. Let me tell you I haven't heard sounds like that in
a long time. Loggins and Messina still have it. Their band members are so talented too. I'm not one for getting up near the stage and acting like a fool. LOL. You just couldn't help it. I even had the pportunity
to sing a note with Jim Messna and shake his hand and some of the band members too. When I think about the good time my sister and I had will always have a big grin on my face. I hope they have another tour soon. - Mindy

Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucket, CT

Happy to report pulling off back to back shows of Loggins and Messina was the gas! After seeing Meadowbrook in N.H. and Foxwoods Casino in CT, I have come away astounded at how beautiful the harmonies between the two have been.

Looking at the concert schedule, these guys are pulling off more road miles and back to back shows in different cities
each night than any band of energetic 20-somethings could ever think of even attempting. The other truly amazing fact is that they have one heck of a great sound person and sound system. All too many shows I have attended have either taken halfway into the show to get the sound right
or never got there at all, giving an all too disappointing muddled fuzz.

From the 1st note these guys were on with absolute crystal clear, I mean crystal clear sound! Honestly in 35 years of following bands I have not heard a cleaner sound from anyone with a possible exception from the 1974 Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound Tour. I look at the rest of the tour schedule and ponder how I may be able to get on the road and catch at least one more show without losing my job ... ha! These guys are that good! I figure that Hawaii in October wouldnt be to tough to take, anybody want to go??

Here is the 90 minute set list for the rest of you hardcores:

Watching the River, Pooh Corner, Sailin in The Wind, Country Song, Holiday Hotel, Be Free, Same Old Wine, Back To Georgia, You need a Man, Trilogy, Your Mama, ENCORES: Angry Eyes, Vahevala, Dannys Song

Make yourself some time to catch these guys if the come anywhere near you, I promise you will come away with a smile and a lifelong memory- I will see you out there. - Lou Plante

Had an opportunity to see the Loggins and Messina reunion tour concert on Sept. 23rd at Foxwoods Casino and Resort.
What a fantastic show especially from the front row. I'm thrilled that after all these years the music is better than ever.That is true talent.Also had a chance to go back stage to the meet and greet. Jim is just so personable and friendly and so is Kenny. Had some great pictures taken.A true night to remember. - Karen