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Oakdale Theatre, - Wallingford, CT

What an unbelievable show. AWESOME!!! There are not enough adjectives to
describe how wonderful it was. - Sharon

This was the concert of the year. Just TRY to wipe the smile off my face and the tears from my eyes! - Fenner
Oakdale Theatre

I just finished listening to the new CD after going to the concert last night. Kenny and Jimmy sound better than ever and played nearly 3 hours coming out for 2 encores. Kenny's voice was the best on "Peace of Mind" where he reached deep and sang with a range I've never heard before! Awesome! Jimmy's guitar riffs were great and the rest of the band couldn't have been better. The crowd was loving every minute and didn't want them to leave. They made all the old songs come alive and after 30 years they still sound fantastic. If you get the opportunity to catch the show---GO!!! - Jim

I had goosebumps all night long listening to the songs I loved 30 years ago! What a fantastic concert! I am so glad I didn't miss it - I think we're going to go to the Sept 23 Foxwoods show too!! My boyfriend and I even decided that our wedding song would be "A Love Song" last night!

Oh and that same boyfriend was the one who kept yelling "ANGRY EYES"!!!! (to which Kenny replied to one time "WE DON'T KNOW THAT ONE"!!!) We still love you Kenny and Jim!!! - Karen

This was possibly the best concert I've ever been to, and I'm 46 and have been to a few!! Their voices were flawless. The band was phenomenal (and VERY cute - all of
them). The quiet songs gave me goosebumps. The rocking songs had me dancing in my seat and on my feet. Kenny's and Jim's harmonies were like something from heaven - perfect. Thank you, gentlemen, for bringing it all back. It was so joyous my eyes fill with tears just thinking about it. - Molly Bartram

32 years ago I saw Loggins and Messina at the New Haven Coliseum and never
would have dreamt that one day I would be taking my 13 year old daughter to
see the most fabulous musical legends in concert together! The Boys were so
phenomenal together, the band was so tight and the background graphics from the seagull to the psychedelic light show surely gave us all that "peace of mind"
that your mama CAN dance and your daddy CAN rock and roll! Thirty years may have come and gone but we can only say "thank you" for the thrill of getting a
little ROWDY once again! We love you - Lisa and Melissa

I've been a fan of Loggins and Messina since they began their careers; being on the road myself as a musician, never had the opportunity to catch them live. I think
I've probably played Kenny's acoustical ballads as much if not more than him (joke)! My wife is also a fan and has been for nearly as many years as me. What a treat it was after 30 some odd years, to finally catch them live and at their peak! I guess we do get better with age! Man, they were fantastic! - Andy

There must be a God! The next morning I still had a smile on my face and the way I described it was I felt like I died and went to music heaven. They were my favorites 30 years ago and they still are today.

L & M can still jam with the best of them. Hope the dvd captures their brilliance, because they're even better live than in the studio. Their music comes alive! They complement each other so well and how often do you find two guys who can both play and sing like they do?

They've surrounded themselves with some other good musicians and they
brought out the best in their band. We can only hope that's a sign that they intend to stay together for awhile to bring us some more of their magic. Thank you for the reunion tour! - Carl

Wallingford, CT - Oakdale Theatre

Based on the TV appearances I have seen of them on the morning shows and the Sunday morning Breakfast With The Arts show on A&E, I figured I was in for a nice little acoustic unplugged version of a Loggins and Messina reunion. Well... fasten your seat belts and put your seat back in the full upright position. Whatever you have seen, heard or thought you were in for... is just the teeny, tiny tip of a very, very large Iceberg. They BLEW the roof off of the Oakdale Theatre.

They did plenty of acoustic songs with the band backing up. And yes... for all you guitar heads out there (myself included) they plugged in. Plugged in plenty... and they just flat out SMOKED!

All the dynamics of Jimmy's incredible Fender Strat playing are there in spades. All those double stop stabs, bends and fills had the goose flesh on my forearms all night. And who knew Kenny was such a great player himself. If you are a guitar player you are in for a lesson from the master. This has to be the most well produced and executed shows I have ever seen. The band, stage setup, lighting and multimedia presentations complimented the show perfectly. Not to mention, they captured all the nuance and dynamics in their songs. Without giving away the details, this has to be a musical experience not to be missed. An event you will never forget. This will be the DVD that makes me go out and buy Surround Sound and an HDTV. Go to this show ... JUST DO IT !!! - Kerry Kling

The first show of the Eastern leg of the tour, in perhaps the smallest venue on the tour, the Oakdale, now Chevrolet, Theatre in Wallingford, was an absolute smash, a beautiful and poignant night. These guys haven't lost a thing, and, if possible, sound better than they did those 30 years ago.

The pacing, timing and set list reminded us of shows back in the day, late Sixties and early Seventies, with a strong, tight opening set, followed by a lengthened, longer and ultimately jammed filled second one, the latter of which opened with a full acoustic band setting punctuated with Jimmy’s Poco standout “You Better Think Twice,” and Buffalo Springfield chestnut “Kind Woman,” as a tribute to the wonderful Richie Furay. A moving and powerful “Same Old Wine,” which received probably the best ovation of the night, and the stretched out “Vahevala,” complete with a dueling guitar solo between Kenny and Jimmy were highlights of the two and a half hour show.

A spectacular, yet unobtrusive light show, actually reminiscent of the Joshua days at the Fillmore, featured clips from their appearances on old TV shows like “Midnight Special,” and was especially poignant during “Sailin’ The Wind,” and “Be Free,” the latter dedicated to the late, great band member Jon Clarke, who passed away earlier this year.

The encores were three this night, with a terrific, and long “Angry Eyes,” followed by “Nobody But You,” and a final return for a beautiful acoustic rendition of “Danny’s Song,” which Kenny jokingly called “the one we forgot to do.”

Gentlemen, this was more than worth a 30-year wait. Thank you. - Mark and Jan Gould

What an awesome show. It looked like it was going to be an acoustic show in the beginning but boy did that band kick in. Probably one of the best sounding concerts I have been too! - Glenn

I wan to thank you for the honor, privilege and extreme pleasure I experienced attending your recent concert at the Oakdale music theatre in Wallingford Connecticut.

It was truly a dream come true. For years I thought that ship had sailed without me and I was happy to continue wearing out the vinyl that brought your music to me. You can imagine the sheer glee I felt when the radio announced that you were reuniting and tickets were going on sale.

Words cannot express how much hearing you play in person meant to me. I am hoping to catch another performance soon. - Jennifer

Between the warmth radiating from "the boys" and the audience reciprocating , I have NEVER witnessed such amazing energy in any venue. Going back in time for three solid hours with double encores made me greedy for more! Thank you, thank you, the regression was so worth it! - Kate

What a great concert! Those guys still have it. The harmony was amazing and the band did such a good job.

You really felt like you were back in time. We are all older but they have the power to make us remember 30 years ago. It was a wonderful night. - Tracy Schloss

FANTASTIC - You would never believe 30 years has passed since they toured together.

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in 1973 and here it is 2005, 30 years since they have performed together - their voices are even better!! Hearing all the wonderful collection of songs they have, lifts your spirit back to a simpler time with songs ... wonderful lyrics!!!! Truly an evening filled with pleasure for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

"30 years of Pooh", I am looking forward to the next 30 years. When they are back around our way again, we will be there to see them. - Shauna and George Blaze

We made two attempts to see our favorite band Loggins @ Messina back in the 70's and both times the concerts were rained out. We had every album they ever made & couldn't wait to see them. Finally we got to see them and had an awesome time. We're going to try and see them again before the tour is over. My thanks to Loggins & Messina for performing a lot longer than most of the concerts we've
seen. - Tom & Elaine Crane